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NR800 Noise Reduction Processor HD

Audio Restoration by McDSP

Frank morrone pluginboutique
"The NR800 is an important part of my dialog chain. It works seamlessly in the background keeping the noise floor down while maintaining the integrity of the dial."
Frank Morrone. Award-Winning Re-Recording Mixer
Tommarks pluginboutique
"With 8 bands of control and variable high & low frequency limits, I’m able to address the frequency areas that have the worst noise issues while the other bands have less or no reduction."
Tom Marks. CAS / Re-Recording Mixer for Sense 8, Breaking In, and many others
Deanlandon pluginboutique
"I’m completely amazed that it will remove the unwanted noise, yet retain the sound. Other NR plug-ins will either add artifacts or change the original sound. Not the NR800."
Dean Landon. Songwriter / Producer / Composer

Note: This product is the HD version. You can purchase the Native version HERE.

The NR800 is a real-time noise reduction processor, useful for music production, post production, and live sound.

The NR800 operates with no internal latency and does not contaminate the original source material with artifacts such as those found by noise reduction plug-ins that utilize transform-based processing.

The NR800 operates on mostly broadband frequencies, but can also be focused in a narrow portion of the frequency spectrum using noise reduction focus points. A set of input filters and be configured with slopes up to 36 dB/Oct, and can be set at frequencies independent of noise reduction focus points.

Several noise reduction modes (NR Mode) are available to provide a range of smooth to aggressive noise reduction amounts. A Range control can be used to scale the overall noise reduction from 100% to 0% (off). A ‘x2’ mode will also double the noise reduction amounts in all bands, when less finely tuned adjustment is needed, or when noise problems are severe. The Response time controls how fast the noise reduction recovers from a ‘noise event’. An NR Bias selector allows different noise reduction amounts to be activated when ‘snapping’ the noise reduction gain and thresholds to the input signal.

Each of the 8 bands in the NR800 has a noise reduction amount fader and noise detection threshold marker, and the usual McDSP linking control capabilities from a master (M) and linked (L) control button paradigm. Each band may also be individually bypassed or soloed to audition incoming noise amounts.


  • HPF and LPF pre-filtering
  • Eight bands of focusable noise reduction
  • Noise reductions modes and noise reduction bias
  • Snap Gain and Snap Threshold for fast setup
  • Overall noise reduction range and response control
  • McDSP Emmy Award-winning engineering

System Requirements


  • OSX 10.8 (or higher)


  • Windows 7 (or higher)


  • AAX Native
  • AU
  • VST

Platform Requirements:

  • AAX versions require Pro Tools 10.3.8 or higher, or Pro Tools 11.1.3 or higher
  • S6L versions require VENUE OS 5.2 or higher
  • AU versions recommended for Logic X, or higher
  • VST versions recommended for Cubase 7.x, 8.X, or higher, and Nuendo 6.5 or higher

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