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Moziac Beats AutoTheory 5 Music Composition Tool

Utility by Mozaic Beats

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"It will indeed help you play complex chords and generate melodies with fairly minimal musical knowledge. AutoTheory can certainly help you generate new musical ideas".
MusicTech Magazine. The magazine and website for producers, engineers and recording musicians. Tutorials, reviews, features and the latest news.
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“Instant creativity! I fired it up in Ableton Live and was building more advanced chord progressions and melodies in key with ease right away. Plus, it’s very educational".
Rory PQ - Dubspot. Dubspot is a world-class electronic music production and DJ school.
Erik hawkins
"This is fantastic for constraining your keys and your chords to whatever scale you choose. There’s a whole lot of tricks you can do with this, and always make sure that what you’re playing is in key. Lot of fun".
Erik Hawkins - Berklee School of Music. Berklee's mission is to educate, train, and develop students to excel in music as a career.

Smart Keyboard Mappings - New easy to use VST/AU format!

Upgrade Available - Registered owners of AutoTheory Pro can Upgrade to AutoTheory 5.

Play like a Pro with AutoTheory’s patented MIDI Effects. Easily create signature basslines, melodies and arpeggios from any chord progression. Our improvements upon traditional Scale, Arp and Chord effects provide users with unlimited possibilities for creating their own unique sound.

Key Features

  • Chord Generator – One Finger Chords from Multiple Groups with Strum, Repeat and Velocity Effects.
  • Smart Scale – Keep your hand in the same position while the scale transposes to each Chord Selection.
  • Multi Arp – Audition through and Record multiple one finger arpeggios of the current chord.
  • Chord Editor – Customize tones within each chord for unique voicings, inversions and extended chords.
  • Synchronization –AutoTheory syncs Key, Scale and Chord selections between all open instances.

AutoTheory is recognized as a VST/AU Instrument within your DAW. It does not produce any sound, but allows you to load an additional VST/AU Instrument within itself. AutoTheory can also act as a MIDI Output to other instrument tracks within DAWs that support this type of routing. An AU MIDI Effect version is included as well.

System Requirements

  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 upwards and Windows 7 upwards
  • Each license includes 2x iLok activations so can be run on multiple machines

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Autotheory 5   plugin boutique
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