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Spinnin' Records BASE

Generator by Prolody

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Cool Plugin! Very easy to use, well done!
. Producer / DJ
"We love the new Base plug-in. It really makes sidechaining easy with a click of button!"
. DJ / Producer
"Base, the perfect balance between your kick and bass and the best way to start your production."
. Dutch record label founded in 1999 by Eelko van Kooten and Roger de Graaf.

The balance between kick and bass is one of the most important aspects of dance music. Getting them to work together perfectly is a challenge for many beginning producers, and we have figured out a way to make it much, much, simpler:

BASE is a synthesizer that generates both a kick and a bass sound. They are linked in terms of volume, spectrum and timing so they work together perfectly in your mix. 

Don't be fooled by the simple interface: it's optimized towards getting a good bassline as opposed to tweaking your sounds endlessly. Use the soundsets as your starting point and make some tracks!



Change the timing of the bass through the sidechain slider from 1/64th note to dotted 8th note to go from almost simultaneous to super late. The sidechain is connected to your DAW’s tempo and can be normal notes, dotted and triplets.


Increase the bass presence through crunch and overtones with the color slider. 


Determines the note length from punchy short to infinite. Length is connected to your DAW’s tempo and can be normal notes, dotted and triplets. 

Split MIDI and Split Audio

There are two extra control settings in the plugin: SPLIT MIDI and SPLIT AUDIO.

On the default setting SPLIT MIDI and SPLIT AUDIO are turned off, meaning both kick and bass are triggered on every midi event, with the kick synced to the note of the bass. This is great for when you just need a simple four to the floor bassline to get your track going.

SPLIT MIDI offers full flexibility in composing more fancy basslines by literally splitting the midi into three octaves: C-2 for sidechain, C-1 and 0 for kick and C1 and 2 for bass. 

SPLIT AUDIO splits the audio into two mono tracks: one for the bass and the other for the kick. Allowing different processing and routing on each instrument. 


The bottom slider determines the volume mix between kick and bass. 100% bass still uses the kick as sidechain information.


Determines the output volume of the plugin 


The meticulously crafted kick and bass soundsets are the core of what the plugin is about. Use the arrows to switch through them to get inspired, or click on the soundset name to open the menu: they’re organised by artist, genre and vibe. You can also combine a kick and a bass from different sets by clicking the LINK button.

System Requirements

Mac (64-bit only)

  • VST3
  • AU

Windows (64-bit only)

  • VST3

Important note: this software is 64-bit compatible only and will not function on 32-bit systems.

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