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Immerse yourself in a world of grainy 80's nostalgia

Plugin Boutique presents our exclusive Retro Gaming Bundle! We've compiled everything from synths to 8-bit fx so that you have everything you need to start including the iconic sounds of your favourite vintage gaming consoles into your audio production.

Inphonik's RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer is an impeccable emulation of the classic YM2612 sound chip, best known for being the vibrant voice of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive videogame console.

Audiothing miniBit boasts 18 waveforms to provide you with a whole pixelated pallet of chiptune synth sounds that can be manipulated into all kinds of noisy and retro sounds with miniBit's built-in bitcrusher, delay section and filter. Most of these waveforms were produced and transformed by using the famous Commodore Amiga 1200.

Audiothing miniVerb imitates the effects from game consoles such as the NES and SNES and provides authentic 80's delays and reverbs where the limitations of processing power available at the time meant that video game composers had to create weird and wonderful ways to add depth and space to their synth sounds.

kiloHearts Faturator can add an extra level of grit, oomph, fatness, rawness and colour to your audio, giving it a crunchy, retro edge.

Finally, explore the twisted and warped sounds of circuit-bent electronic appliances and toys such as the Texas Speak &Spell, Speak and Maths, Coleco TT, DSI,  PSS 470, R50, RX17, SK5, SnM, SX1000, Tomy Toy, Tr505, ChitChat, Early Words, VPhonics and many others in Loopmasters Circuit Bent Sounds Vol 1 / 2 / 3.

Inphonik RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer

RYM2612 is a software FM synthesizer in VST, Audio Unit and AAX formats. It’s an emulation of the Yamaha YM2612 sound chip, best known for being the vibrant voice of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive videogame console. More than a simple sound-alike, the emulation is cycle-accurate to the original chip, that allows reproducing every unique possibility of the synth. On top of this, the amp circuitry of the console has been reproduced too, in order to obtain the same grain you'd get if you plugged the real hardware into your DAW.


  • Cycle-accurate emulation of the YM2612 FM soundchip
  • Genuinely reproduces the unique and characteristic sound of its hardware counterpart (digital saturation, huge feedback amount, natural distortion, …)
  • Audio input for adding 8-bit PCM sweetness to any signal
  • Low CPU usage
  • Switchable output filtering and ladder effect
  • A couple of limitations from the soundchip have been taken away: up to 16 voices of polyphony, dedicated PCM channel (you can, of course, stick to 6 simultaneous voices if you want to experience the real thing)
  • 100+ various, sorted, evocative patches to start with

Learn more about Inphonik RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer.

kiloHearts Faturator

Grit, oomph, fatness, raw, colour, or just that certain something. Sometimes your sounds need a shovel of dirt. Faturator is standing ready to tear whatever you throw at it apart violently, and then gently (but firmly) put it back together fatter and rawer than ever.

Faturator can do everything from adding subtle and warm gritty character to your sounds to slam them into a wall of heavy saturation and digital fuzz. Contrary to many distortion effects, Faturator will preserve the dynamics of your sound and work its wonders on it regardless of input gain.

For the heck of it, it can also color the input to emphasize a specific tone of the sound, or throw some stereo width into the mix. Everything to give you a fast and easy way of making any input come alive.

Learn more about and download the trial version of kiloHearts Faturator.

AudioThing miniBit

miniBit is an 8-bit/chiptune style synthesizer plugin that emulates the sound of 80s game consoles and retro computers.

It features a main oscillator with 18 waveforms paired with a tunable sub-oscillator (square wave). The waveforms are not bandlimited and will produce aliasing. Same of the waveforms were carefully created and edited with an Amiga 1200, while others were meticulously recreated from the sounds of the best classic games that we have collected over the years.

You can create all kind of noisy and retro sounds with the built-in bitcrusher, delay section and filter. You can also use the synced 8 Steps Stepper/Sequencer with multiple destinations.
From noisy, snare-like steps to ambient subs, miniBit has many uses beyond what one expects from a chiptune synth.


  • 18 Waveforms + Sub Oscillator
  • Poly and Mono mode with Glide
  • 2-poles LowPass/HighPass Filter
  • Delay and BitCrusher effects
  • LFO with multiple destinations
  • Volume and Pitch Envelopes
  • 8 Steps Stepper with multiple destinations
  • 128 Presets + Preset randomizer
  • Formats: VST, VST3, AU, and AAX (32/64bit)
  • Platforms: OSX, Windows

Learn more about AudioThing miniBit.

AudioThing miniVerb

miniVerb is an 8-bit/chiptune and lofi reverb effect inspired by the sound of 80s game consoles and retro computers.

Early consoles didn’t have much power for DSP effects, so the video game composers at that time had to improvise. The most common way to add a sense of space/reverb to the sound was to sacrifice one of the internal tracks to play a delayed version of the original sound, essentially using a slapback echo to add depth.

The technique evolved and eventually, consoles started to take advantage of more power for real internal effects.

miniVerb recreates that classic digital echo/reverb sound, made famous by iconic consoles such as the NES and SNES, topping it with two filters (post/pre), vibrato, and crusher (bit crusher, downsampler, pitch shifter).


  • Pre/Post Filter (LP/HP)
  • Echo (single/double mode)
  • Vibrato
  • Crusher (bit-crusher, downsampler, pitch shifter)
  • 45 Presets
  • Preset randomizer

Learn more about AudioThing miniVerb.

Loopmasters Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 1

Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 1 features over 700Mb of Glitched out and Buzzed up Drum samples and loops for producers working in all Dance Styles including Dubstep, Minimal, Electro and Drum and Bass. This collection of over 750 samples and 300 Loops includes Drumloops and some Music Loops plus hundreds of Hits and SFX samples from a huge collection of the circuit bent toys which Paul has collected and modified over the years.

Expect inspiring sounds from machines which include Beatsound, Speak & Spell, Speak and Maths, Coleco TT, DSI, HR16, MD16R, PSS 470, R50, RX17, SK5, SnM, SX1000, Tomy Toy, Tr505, ChitChat, Early Words, VPhonics and many others. Also included are 16 ready to play patches for your favourite soft samplers.

If you are looking for an inspiring set of unique, never before heard sounds we suggest you check out Circuit Bent Sounds volume 1 today!


  • Over 700 Mb of content
  • Over 750 samples
  • 300 Loops (drumloops)
  • 100's of hits and SFX

Learn more about Loopmasters Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 1

Loopmasters Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 2

Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 2 includes a huge selection of circuit bent madness including over 300 Loops and 470 single samples, along with 25 ready to play patches for soft samplers including Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt. You get 119 Drum Machine Loops, 140 Keyboard and Synth Loops, 44 Circuit Bent Toy Loops, alongside a comprehensive single hit selection incorporating 76 Drum Machine Samples, 132 Synth Sounds, and more than 250 bleeps, tweaks and glitches direct from Paul’s huge collection of Circuit bent toys.

The machines used and abused to create this unique royalty-free sample collection include drum machines such as the Alesis SR16, Frontline percussion synth, Korg DDD5 and MR16, the classic Mattel Synsonics, Roland TR727 and the Yamaha DD6. The Circuit Bent Keys and Synths include the Casio SA1, SK60 & SK200 samplers, Fraktal Noise Synth, Korg Poly 800, Purple Keys and the Yamaha VSS200. The Toys used include the analogue Beats Toy, ELC, Matchbox Talking Teacher, Mighty Borg Teddy Bear, Texas Instruments and VTech Talking Computer amongst many others!


  • 777 Circuit Bent Samples
  • 303 Loops
  • 474 Circuit Bent Sounds
  • 25 Ready to play patched for Reason NNXT, Kontakt, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt Soft Samplers
  • Acidised Wav and Rex2 (Main Zip)

Learn more about Loopmasters Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 2

Loopmasters Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3

Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3 ventures once more into the outer reaches of experimental audio electronics to bring back another collection of twisted beats and deformed audio sickness guaranteed to deliver a fresh bout of insanity to any production. From a cut-price drum toy to the mighty Roland SH101, nothing is safe from attention, with every machine being treated with an equally relaxed concern for its basic rights to bring you this unique set of sounds.

The machines on this collection include old school drum machines given a new lease of life in the form of the rare Akai XR10, the Yamaha RX7, Korg DDD1, Casio RZ1 sampling drum machine, Boss DR550 and the legendary Roland 707, along with a host of esoteric electronic devices and toys supplying extra beats. Modified keys and synths include the analogue Roland SH101, the MFOS weird sound generator, Yamaha PSS270, Casio SA5, Rocktek Delay pedal and the favourite of every lofi musician and circuit bender, the Casio SK1 sampler.  Finally, there's a whole consignment of rewired kids toys including Early Leaner shapes toy, Letterland toy, Bongon electronic bongos, VTech Talking Alfie teddy bear,  Little Tykes guitar, Mix Me DJ toy and the classic Texas Instruments Speak & Read and Speak & Write toys amongst many others.


  • 758 Circuit Bent Samples
  • 283 Loops
  • 475 Hits
  • 22 Patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS, SFZ samplesApple Loops versionAcidised Wav, Rex2 Main Zip

Learn more about Loopmasters Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3

System Requirements

Inphonik RYM2612


  • macOS (10.7 and higher)
  • 64-bit only
  • VST 2 / VST 3 / AU / AAX


  • Vista and higher
  • 32-bit & 64-bit
  • VST 2 / VST 3 / 64-bit AAX

AudioThing miniBit & miniVerb


  • OS X 10.7 – macOS 10.13
  • Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM
  • VST2, VST3, AU, or AAX, 64-bit host


  • Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 4 GB RAM
  • VST2, VST3, or AAX, 64-bit host

kiloHearts Faturator


  • 2 GHz or faster


  • 1 GB or more

Operating System:

  • Windows (7 or newer) or Mac OS X (10.7 or newer)


  • A VST / Audio Unit / AAX compatible DAW

Supported formats:

  • AAX
  • AU
  • VST2
  • Snapin

Please Note: If you have many instances of Faturator running, all playing many voices at the same time the CPU usage will increase accordingly. Thus, kiloHearts cannot guarantee that Faturator will work flawlessly in all use cases even if your system does meet the minimum recommended system requirements.

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