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Audiomodern Playbeat + Riffer Bundle

FX Bundle by Audiomodern

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"Riffer will pull you back from the creative brink; it will enliven your bottom end; it will pull melodies out of the ether and step-sequence a smile across your face."
. "Riffer will pull you back from the creative brink; it will enliven your bottom end; it will pull melodies out of the ether and step-sequence a smile across your face."
"Riffer takes the boring old piano roll and stuffs it full of probability and possibility in the best MIDI sequencer your DAW doesn’t have."
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What is Playbeat?

Playbeat is a Creative Groove Randomizer plugin that generates beats and patterns for you. Unlike an ordinary step sequencer, Playbeat creates patterns using algorithmic and random procedures for generating notes by combining Steps, Pitch, Volume and more.

Your Sounds

Load, or drag-n-drop your own sounds and Generate up to four patterns simultaneously to get Polyrhythms. Its unique approach to pattern creation is sure to have you finding exciting new grooves, rhythms and beats.

  • No Two Patterns will Ever be the Same: That’s because there is an infinite number of different possible combinations
  • Endlessly Variable. Endlessly Interesting: Playbeat has been designed to promote music creation both in studio & live performance with a simple and convenient user interface.
  • Individual Infinity Mode Settings for Each of the Channels: + Multi-channel audio output support


  • VST/VST3/AU/AAX/iOS & Standalone
  • Generate Random Grooves
  • Syncs to Host tempo
  • Infinity Mode for Each Channel
  • Number of notes generated
  • Advanced Probability Engine
  • Load or Drag -n- Drop any Sample
  • MIDI Controllable
  • x64 & x32 bit Compatible
  • Quick Load Preset Section
  • Quantization settings
  • Quick-Copy to Channel
  • Customizable Sequence Range
  • Assign Presets to Quick-Load Section
  • No Two Patterns will Ever be the Same
  • The only Plugin available of its Kind!

What's new in version 2.1?

  • Create, Save & Load Custom Kits
  • Combined MIDI Output
  • New Density Feature (Randomizable)
  • New Pan Feature (Randomizable)
  • New Sequencer length selector (16/32 Steps)
  • New factory sounds from AES Dana, Arovane and more..
  • Save/Export/Share MIDI file
  • Solo/Mute works for MIDI output
  • Updated fully resizable UI
  • Various Performance Improvements

Learn more about Playbeat 2.

Riffer is a smart MIDI tool that generates musical riffs & sequences by combining pitch, duration, velocity & density. Built for your sounds, software & hardware. Turn them into something of your own or let it run endlessly using the infinity mode.

Quick-fire Ideas

You can choose from 50+ scales, pattern complexity, steps, start and endpoints, set pitch, transpose, motion, measures and many more...


  • Generate random riffs
  • Everything is synced to your host tempo
  • 53 scales included from western to eastern
  • Create & save your own scales
  • Choose the number of notes generated
  • Set the number of root notes based on a chosen scale
  • Generate pattern pitch, duration & volume per note
  • Tile or sustain paused notes
  • Lock individual notes or whole steps
  • Quick-export MIDI patterns
  • Quick transpose whole pattern
  • Quick load preset section
  • Choose quantization settings
  • Shuffle & Shift mode
  • Advanced Infinity mode
  • Set sequence range & motion settings
  • Set range for pitch, duration and velocity
  • Save & load your own patterns
  • Send MIDI to any device, software & hardware
  • Advanced MIDI CC/Mapping editor
  • No two patterns will ever be the same
  • The only plugin available of its kind!
  • Resizable GUI

New Features for v3.0

  • Polyphonic Mode / Multi-Riff Engine
  • Density Function
  • MIDI Input/Performance Mode
  • MIDI Learn
  • Share presets across devices (Desktop/iOS)
  • Performance improvements

Learn more about Riffer.

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 or higher (64-bit only)
  • Windows 7 or higher (32/64-bit compatible)
  • 4GB of RAM required
  • At least 50 MB of free drive space
  • Comes in VST / VST3 / AU / AAX
  • Reliable internet connection for download delivery and product activation
  • Allows for activation on three (3) computers per serial code

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