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Babylon + Expansions Bundle

Inst Bundle by W.A Production

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You can now get Babylon along with all expansion packs, giving you Babylon with a huge amount of brand new additional presets, in one unique package.

W.A Production have been wanting to create a synth like Babylon for years, after struggling with synths that overcomplicate programming with multiple windows and menus. Babylon keeps things sleek and simple with a one-page design, featuring all major parameters on a single interface page. Of course, a synth is only as good as it sounds and they've included hundreds of waveforms and presets to choose from. Babylon can turn its hand to any kind of instrumentation including different types of leads, basses, pads, organs, keys, FX and more. With powerful multi-voice oscillators, stereo unison & detuning, high quality filters, effects and an internal modulation matrix Babylon can stand with the big boys because it’s powerful, but perfectly formed.

Microtonal Tuning

Very unusual for a soft-synth, with Babylon you can tune every individual note to its own frequency and play quartertone and microtonal scales. These would not normally be able to be played in standard tuning and make for some extremely fun experimental harmonics.

Scale Helper

Babylon comes complete with 23 standard and 34 traditional scales and modes from the Middle East. You can choose a scale, a key and see the notes of the scale highlighted on the virtual keyboard. Microtonal tuning is also set up automatically. Using a modern synthesizer to play scales from all over the world has never been easier. 


With 257 high-resolution waveforms, you’re sure to find the perfect starting point for your own sounds. Alongside many variants of the classic oscillator shapes, W.A Production have included formant, gritty, voice and instrument waveforms for maximum versatility. These can all be inverted and reversed (or both). Over 2300 preset sounds have been expertly programmed and are catalogued into themes within the onboard browser so you can easily find what you need in a hurry.


A full range of FX are included: Distortion, Bit rate and Sample Rate Reduction, Filter, Chorus, EQ, Delay and Reverb. These can be reordered by simply clicking and dragging, making for a logical approach to FX routing.

Unique Features

W.A Production could list all of the great features of Babylon, but instead, allow them to point out some aspects which they think are unique in the world of soft-synths. The filter section features not only standard controls but also 5 characterful poly effects: drive, distortion, saturation, crush and LoFi. There’s a dedicated Vibrato LFO with delay & attack settings for smooth vibrato transitions. Babylon has 12 different curve types for ADSR and Filter programming. Visual unison feedback shows the exact width and depth of your voicing and detuning choices. And did they mention the scales and microtuning? Oh yes, so they did. 

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Melodic House for Babylon

Quality Melodic House requires not only creative and catchy melodies and progressions but also iconic, memorable sounds. For that reason, W.A Production put together Melodic House for Babylon, an expansion explicitly designed for this genre.

Melodic House for Babylon from W.A Production brings you 130 presets for the Babylon synth created for use in Melodic House.

Crisp Leads, bursting Plucks, driving Bass, and much more will all be yours the moment you download this collection!


  • 130 Babylon Presets In Total
  • 23 Bass Presets
  • 10 Long Bass Presets
  • 10 Plucky Bass Presets
  • 3 FX Presets
  • 3 Keys Presets
  • 31 Lead Presets
  • 20 Pad Presets
  • 30 Pluck Presets

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Trap for Babylon

Imagine an influx of 130 production-ready presets designed by top-level Trap producers. Sound appealing? Well, then Trap for Babylon from W. A. Production is for you!

Banging 808s, transformative FX, lush Pads, and much, much more can all be found in this beast of an expansion. W.A. Production's Babylon synth is exceptionally versatile, and their sound designers have pushed it to the limit to design some of the most innovative preset packs yet.


  • 130 Babylon Presets In Total
  • 20 808 Presets
  • 20 Bass Presets
  • 5 FX Presets
  • 5 Keys Presets
  • 40 Lead Presets
  • 10 Pad Presets
  • 30 Pluck Presets

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Future Rave for Babylon

Nothing inspires us quite like heading out and going to a rave! The energy, emotion, and overall vibe are like nothing else. W.A Production tried to capture that essence in their latest expansion: Future Rave for Babylon from W. A. Production!

Packed full of 130 game-changing presets for our powerful Babylon synth, with this expansion, you'll be churning out hits in no time. Thumping basses, acid-style synths, and a vast selection of other classic sounds in this iconic style.

Learn more about Future Rave for Babylon

Progressive Deep for Babylon

Intoxicating, dark, melodic sounds are what you'll hear deep in underground clubs and raves, and it's from that inspiration we created Progressive Deep for Babylon!

Progressive Deep for Babylon includes 130 mind-bending presets that will sound at home in any deep progressive track.

Learn more about Progressive Deep for Babylon

Cyberpunk For Babylon

Angry. Gritty. Robotic. Futuristic. These are the qualities required in any cyberpunk-inspired music, and that's what you'll get in Cyberpunk for Babylon by W.A. Production!

Cyberpunk for Babylon includes 130 expertly designed presets that provide you with virtually everything you need to create your next industrial/cyberpunk track using the Babylon synth. Crunchy basses, crispy synths, and glitchy plucks are just some of the sounds you'll encounter in this expansion, among much more. 

Learn more about Cyberpunk For Babylon.

EDM For Babylon

Do you make unique electronic music that can't be defined by any certain genre? WA. Production have the ultimate expansion pack for all of you producers that demand a wider variety of sounds. Check out EDM for Babylon from W. A. Production. 

This mighty pack of 120 presets will allow you to make an intro, build it, wind it up, bubble it up, and slam into a glorious bass line with lots of groove and plenty of bite. Add some stabs or an arp, or give it an exotic twist with a worldly instrument. Solid leads and atmospheric pads. From a total rager to a late-night chill, enjoy plenty of options to achieve the sound that is as unique as your creations.

Learn more about EDM For Babylon.

Psytrance for Babylon

If you want a plugin that has the capabilities of creating Psy, you need to check out What About: Psytrance for Babylon from W. A. Production. You've already been mesmerized by the simplicity of W.A Production's "one-page wonder" plugin synth Babylon. Now imagine being able to choose from a library of sounds dedicated to Psytrance. Draw inspiration from this amazing expansion pack that turns Babylon in a psychedelic sound trip with 120 presets. 

Get your sound up to speed with the latest bass, lead, pads, and effects. Created by mastermind EDM innovators, W.A Production's presets will lead you to new undiscovered realms. Make your next Psy track an addictive one, make it with What About Psytrance for Babylon from W. A. Production.

Learn more about Psytrance for Babylon.

Hardstyle For Babylon

Hardstyle for Babylon gives you a Psy/Hardstyle Expansion pack of over 100 presets for Babylon. Hardstyle Preset Pack from W. A. Production gives you the gritty, nasty, dirty and untamed sounds of hardstyle. Inspired by such artists as Coone, Sub Zero Project, Blasterjaxx, and Headhunterz, you soon will be able to create tracks with those signature hardstyle sounds.

Babylon is W.A Production's one-page wonder software plugin synth. Featuring multiple oscillators, FM, RM & AM modulation, 5 poly effects: drive, distortion, saturation, crush and LoFi and 12 different curve types for ADSR and filter programming.

Hardstyle for Babylon is loaded with plucks, arps, the infamous hardstyle kick in multiple variations, synth stabs, chords, bass for psy, bass for dub, metalized synth leads, old school dark techno leads, deep bass, sub-bass, glitched bass, arp bass smooth bass and Reese bass. Instrumentation such as keys, organs, cymbals, and strings. Aggressive leads, light leads, magical and dreamy pads all the way to suspenseful and mysterious pads.

Learn more about Hardstyle For Babylon.

Future House For Babylon

If you are looking for high-quality sounds for future house, look no further. Future House for Babylon from W. A. Production is a preset pack loaded with solid bass, powerful pads, percussive plucks, epic leads, amazing arpeggios, and unstoppable energy.  

W.A Production's presets are designed by professional sound designers and they drew their inspiration from sounds used by such artists as Don Diablo, Mesto, Oliver Heldens, Matt Nash, and other top-charting future bass producers.

The on-board browser of Babylon makes it easy to search and access presets, while its unique one-page functions, options, and effects give you the control to customize and save.  

Let Future House for Babylon from W. A. Production unlocks the true potential of this one-page wonder soft synth plugin. Putting the sounds of tomorrow in your hands, today.

Learn more about Future House For Babylon.

Slap House For Babylon

Slap House has come on strong the past few years, and it inspired W.A. Production to build this new expansion for their Babylon Synth.

Slap House for Babylon by W.A. Production includes 130 banging presets sure to add life to your next production. This expansion contains the essential sounds of Slap House: bouncy synths, pristine bass plucks, and airy leads to give you a complete and full sound. 

Learn more about Slap House For Babylon.

Lo-Fi Hip Hop for Babylon

Slap House has come on strong the past few years, and it inspired W.A. Production to build this new expansion for their Babylon Synth.

Slap House for Babylon by W.A. Production includes 130 banging presets sure to add life to your next production. This expansion contains the essential sounds of Slap House: bouncy synths, pristine bass plucks, and airy leads to give you a complete and full sound. 

Learn more about Lo-Fi Hip Hop for Babylon.

Trance for Babylon

If you own Babylon, you already know how versatile and powerful the plugin is. Trance for Babylon has been designed to make full use of the plugin's capabilities and is sure to take your production to new heights.

Trance for Babylon includes 125 innovative presets inspired by the best of modern and classic Trance sounds. Sweeping synths, driving bass sounds, ethereal leads, and warm pads are just some of the incredible sounds included in the expansion. Trance for Babylon has everything you need to create an instant classic.

Learn more about Trance for Babylon.

Techno for Babylon

Good Techno has a distinct, particular sound, and to get that sound, you need the right tools. Fortunately, Babylon synth is the perfect plugin to enhance your Techno productions, and the Techno for Babylon expansion is an essential complement to add to your toolkit. 

Techno for Babylon includes 130 meticulously designed presets inspired by the best Techno sounds around. Thumping bass sounds, glitchy synths, and fantastic ear candy are found throughout this impressive expansion.

Techno for Babylon has everything you need to produce a timeless Techno track.

Learn more about Techno for Babylon.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or higher (32 / 64 bit)
  • Mac OSX 10.13 or higher (64 bit only) (Not compatible with Logic 9)
  • AAX - ProTools 11 or higher

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