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Plugin Boutique Presents the Zampler+ Bundle

[Plugin Boutique Exclusive]

Zampler // RX has built a reputation for being a powerful and easy-to-use sampler. The release of version 2.0 sees new additional features such as a sequencer function and a fantastic new user inetrface.

Alongside this unique sampler, we have compiled every Zampler expansion availiable on Plugin Boutique to enhance Zampler // RX capabilities. Featuring an additional 32.7GB of sounds, you will never be left stuck for musical ideas!

The Zampler+ Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and available for a limited time only.

Zampler // RX is a free sample workstation that includes a variety of ways to sculpt and manipulate sounds and it includes features you would expect in any current soft-sampler. For finest sound shaping: the integrated multi-mode filter offers the types low, high, band pass and band stop as well as various combinations of these. Three LFOs, three ADSR envelopes and a complex modulation matrix bring life to the sounds. The range of functions is rounded off by an extensive effects section, in which tube saturation, two equalizers, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb refine every sound.

With Zampler // RX 2.0, Beat updates the professional sample workstation for Windows and OS X, which can easily keep up with the big players in the industry in terms of sound and sampling capability. Thanks to the clever step sequencer, particularly complex, full and lively sounds are a specialty of the Zampler. Finally, the well-known algorithms of the Dune inventor Synapse-Audio work under the hood.

The plug-in is available for the VST and AU interfaces and impresses with its well thought-out features. In addition to REX loop compatible sample oscillators, the Zampler is capable of supporting the .sfz format which makes it a perfect fit with the sample libraries from our sister site Loopmasters.


  • The plug-in comes in both VST and AU formats. File types supported are REX loop and SFZ.
  • The plugin's sample oscillators make Zampler a great tone-shaping tool
  • In the integrated multimode, lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop filters, as well as various combinations are available 
  • Three LFOs, three ADSR envelopes and a complex modulation matrix, bring life to the sound.
  • An extensive effects section is available including tube saturation, two equalizers, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb.
  • The clever step sequencer allows for especially complex, full and vibrant sounds - a speciality of Zampler.
  • Uses the valent algorithms of "Dune" inventor Synapse Audio

Additional Features

  • Samples of any bit-depth (8/16/24/32-bit), mono or stereo are supported
  • Multiple sample rates supported (eg 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, 176.4k, 192k, 384k)
  • Up to 128 keyboard splits
  • Up to 128 velocity splits

Learn more about Zampler // RX.

Dubstep: Zampler Expansion

A collection of the best Loopmasters Dubstep Sample Packs: DubstepV1 comes set with an intense selection of precise drums, pulsating basses and music loops from lush pads to tearing leads. The expansion has been created to help to get ideas down fast and keep the workflow productive. The loops have been expertly produced requiring no processing to get them sounding great but can easily be twisted and modulated using Zampler's on-board FX and Modulation tools. 

The Rex loop slices are mapped across the keys for quick reconstructions and the full loop can be played on C1.


  • 51 Drum Presets
  • 52 Bass Presets
  • 47 Music Presets
  • 244 MB File Size

Learn more about Dubstep: Zampler Expansion.

Trap: Zampler Expansion

Drawing from Loopmasters incredible Trap sample collection we have formed The Zampler Trap Expansion. Featuring 128 presets of the highest calibre that cover all styles of Trap, from the deep murky to the all-out assault on the system. This expansion has all bases covered for designing the core elements of your next Trap, Hip-Hop or Grime production. You can expect a vast array sleek music leads, synths, tight drums and expertly crafted basslines and 808's.

Fire up the Zampler Trap expansion and get inspired!

The Rex loop slices are mapped across the keys for quick reconstructions and the full loop can be played on C1.


  • 128 Presets
  • 31 Drum Presets
  • 33 Bass Presets
  • 55 Music Presets
  • 9 Vocal Presets
  • 181 MB File Size

Learn more about Trap: Zampler Expansion.

House FX & Stabs: Zampler Expansion

House FX & Stabs Expansion is an exciting collection of 106 royalty free FX and Stab presets and Wavs, suitable for many modern genres of dance production including House, Techno, Garage and Grime. Featuring 41 Up-Lifter FX, 36 Down-Shifter FX, 23 Stabs and 6 Chord Hits. Use the FX to design smooth and subtle transitions to all-out, hi-energy drops and the Stabs/Chords for achieving interesting, precise character in your productions.

The Rex loop slices are mapped across the keys for quick reconstructions and the full loop can be played on C1.


  • 106 Presets
  • 41 Up-Lifter FX Presets
  • 36 Down-Shifter FX Presets
  • 6 Chord Hits Presets
  • 225 MB File Size

Learn more about House FX & Stabs: Zampler Expansion.

Ambient: Zampler Expansion

Loopmasters have compiled a collection of their finest ambient sounds and loops for this deep and moving Zampler Expansion. Ambient v1 combines sophisticated sound design and expertly recorded drums and live instruments with rhythmic groove and melodic beauty. The expansion has been designed to suit any productions exploring the deeper elements such as Drum & Bass, Electronica, Techno and Downtempo and will inspire your productions and spark new ideas.

The Rex loop slices are mapped across the keys for quick reconstructions and the full loop can be played on C1.


  • 129 Presets
  • 64 Drum Presets
  • 27 Bass Presets
  • 38 Music Presets
  • 285 MB File Size

Learn more about Ambient: Zampler Expansion.

Garage & Deep House: Zampler Expansion

Garage & Deep House Expansion is a brand new royalty free collection of 150 natural groove loops ready to drop into any modern genres of dance production including Deep, Techno, House and Garage. Featuring 81 deep percussive based loops and 31 subsonic bass lines topped off with 38 warm organic melodies and atmospheres. All the tools are here and ready to inject character and groove into your productions.

The Rex loop slices are mapped across the keys for quick reconstructions and the full loop can be played on C1.

Featured Artists Samples

Audiojack // Sante // Dubmatix + more


  • 150 Presets
  • 81 Drum Presets
  • 31 Bass Presets
  • 38 Music Presets
  • 131 MB File Size

Learn more about Garage & Deep House: Zampler Expansion.

Hip-Hop: Zampler Expansion

Digging in the crates of Loopmasters selection of Hi-Hop & Breaks sample packs this expansion is guaranteed to have everything you need to get your drums sounding phat. With legendary artists such as Coldcut and The Nextmen providing access to their breaks, this pack will be a welcome addition to all Zampler users. 

The Rex loop slices are mapped across the keys for quick reconstructions and the full loop can be played on C1.

Featured Artists Samples

Coldcut // Lack of Afro // Nextmen // Bomb Squad // Wideboys


  • 150 Drum Presets
  • 174 MB File Size

Learn more about Hip-Hop: Zampler Expansion.

Drum & Bass: Zampler Expansion

Compiled from the very best Drum & Bass Loopmasters Sample Packs this expansion is a producer's toolbox of inspirational loops. With a vast array of twisted deep bass, intricate drum loops and complex music samples this pack will be a welcome addition to all Zampler users.

The Rex loop slices are mapped across the keys for quick reconstructions and the full loop can be played on C1.

Featured Artist Samples

ASC // Blockhe4d // Blu Mar Ten // BennyPage // Enei // June Miller // London Elektricity // Total Science // Octane & DLR // Fracture


  • 59 Drum Presets
  • 42 Bass Presets
  • 49 Music Presets
  • 202MB File Size

Learn more about Drum & Bass: Zampler Expansion.

Zampler Expansion: Eternal Drones

"Calibrate your mind“ – or something alike could be the motto for the Eternal Drones soundbank. Believe it or not, this pack contains 3.9 GB of ever modulating drones, meditative pads and Hollywood-style textures, that could even fit to blockbusters like Bladerunner or Inception. Besides Chillout and other atmospheric genres, the 74 patches included in this pack can also fit Doomjazz, Space Music and Dark Ambient. Have fun while relaxing!

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Eternal Drones.

Zampler Expansion: The Analogon

There’s always some magic dust around analogue classics since these synths helped to shape various musical genres throughout the years. Analogon gives you 2 Gigabytes of everything that defines an analogue bolide: strong basses, sparkling arpeggios and hearty hook sounds, which will fit into any Synthwave, Trance and Minimal track. Enjoy!

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: The Analogon.

Zampler Expansion: Toraiz AS - 1

Thanks to the Prophet-6 core, the new Toraiz AS-1 was born to be an iconic legend. Beat created 128 patches and sequences of that little muscleman, ready to play for in Zampler.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Toraiz AS - 1.

Zampler Expansion: Castor

Native Instruments' Reaktor is far more than a gigantic vault for sounds. Not only does it provide a variety of very experimental stuff, but also strong and unique sounds for top-notch EDM, Dubstep, Techno and Downbeat productions. CASTOR holds 1.6 GB of the best pearls ready for you.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Castor.

Zampler Expansion: Ethnic Symphony

Ethno sounds and electronics… on first sight, they don’t have many similarities. But as soon as you start to combine both worlds, they fit together like Yin and Yang. With 64 patches Ethnic Symphony delivers a full orchestra of weighty basses, spheric pads and synths, that combine ethnic instruments and vocals to fresh and inspiring sounds, that will instantly enrich your Chill and House-tracks with the X-factor.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Ethnic Symphony.

Zampler Expansion: Black Venom

Get your audience addicted to the poisonous sounds of Black Venom... Black Venom features 36 powerful, aggressive and highly EDM-compatible patches to make your productions stand out.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Black Venom.

Zampler Expansion: Peaktime

With the Novation Bass Station, a legend was born and Peak follows in its footsteps. The mixture of analogue where it counts and digital where it makes life easier results in a pro synth with ultimate sound output. Cracking basses and crisp leads for any electronic style. Sampled and ready for your Zampler // RX!

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Peaktime.

Zampler Expansion: Tape Synths

Names like Mercury, MiniMoog, Roland SH-101, JP-8000 or Juno 60 get Beat very excited!. But this isn‘t even the full list of synths they used for our latest soundbank. For authentic flair Beat recorded some of the synths through their old Technics deck, with some nice, warm tape overdrive. The result is 76 weighty basses, leads and pads with vintage and huge sound guaranteed.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Tape Synths.

Zampler Expansion: Ethnic Pads

This collection of 32 patches excels in atmospheric sounds in a broader sense, comprising bells, choirs, cymbals, flutes, chimes or strings and much more. Beat pushed these sounds to their limit and injected a heavy dose of electro to give the sounds enough bite to cut through modern EDM productions. With the Zampler workstation's flexible filter and modulation options, you can easily create unexpected sound textures from the sample material.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Ethnic Pads.

Zampler Expansion: Ultimate Synths

This unique sample pack was created using six of the best virtual synthesizers currently available on the market. Beat spent a lot of time to get the best from synth powerhouses like DUNE 2, Serum, Sylenth1, Discovery Pro, Spire and DIVA. The result is a stunning Zampler Pack featuring 2 GB of sample content with 64 patches from basses, leads, pads, and FX which organically blend into various electronic styles.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Ultimate Synths.

Zampler Expansion: Prophet-12

So many famous artists using the Prophet-12 can't be wrong: Dave Smith's luxury synth is a true multi-talent when it comes to sound design. From underground clubs to airplay charts, its fat basses, leads and pads fit everywhere. So here you go with your own Pro-12 for Zampler//RX including 78 patches and over 2GB of content.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Prophet-12.

Zampler Expansion: Patched Grand

Pianos sound like pianos do. Well, as long as you don't open them up and start messing around with what you find inside. Of course, Beat did exactly that, and what makes most pianists angry made Beat's sound designer Marco Scherer very happy. For this soundbank Beat took a Yamaha C3 Grand Piano and gave it some friendly torment, which resulted in 30 very unique patches, usable for songs, tracks and scores.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Patched Grand.

Zampler Expansion: Black Hole

Pads for dreaming and dreading, basses to rush ahead and lean back, synths to scrape or hover… monumental and with a very distinct character from oblique to brilliant. The 94 epic sounds of Black Hole are paradoxical and complex, spheric and direct at once, the perfect foundation for Chillwave, Ambient, Trip-Hop, Eternal Electro and other intergalactic styles. A must-have!

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Black Hole.

Zampler Expansion: Mantra Pads

The power of repetition! With their lush character, most pads have an instant relaxing impact. This Zampler sound bank takes this a step further and combines pleasing pads with ever-repeating mantras, to maximize the hypnosis-factor. 33 patches of pure deceleration.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Mantra Pads.

Zampler Expansion: Supreme

Modesty is not this packs' strength - "Supreme“ combines sounds of the best analogue synthesizers of all time. With 32 brutal patches and 32 loops, you will be perfectly prepared for future Dubstep, D&B and EDM adventures. The editorial staff of Beat present 620MB of their favourite bass and leads sounds, which are sure to give your tracks a special touch and a high recognition value.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Supreme.

Zampler Expansion: Robo#txtr

Robo#txtr is an extensive collection with 1.5 GB of electronic vocals, phrases, machine and robot noises. Expect production-ready presets, just waiting to be manipulated with its flexible sound editing and automation tools.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Robo#txtr.

Zampler Expansion: Brute Factor

Analog sound is almost always wanted by synth fans. And it's even more wanted when it sounds fat or brute. Just like the Arturia MiniBrute 2. As this synth is already honoured by most, Beat made a studio session and dressed it up for Zampler, so that you can now enjoy the savage sounds yourself with these 47 patches. And as an added bonus included in this expansion, something that the MiniBrute hardware can't do: Pads. Happy blasting!

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Brute Factor.

Zampler Expansion: Dreadbox Factor

Beat were so impressed by Dreadbox' G-System that it almost felt like an obligation to create a comprehensive sample pack featuring the distinctive sounds of the modular synth. This 1.9 GB pack covers 55 patches of brilliant and massive leads, warm and brutal basses as well as fat percussion, effect and drone sounds with the distinctive "dread factor“ to spice up your tracks.

Learn more about Zampler Expansion: Dreadbox Factor.

System Requirements


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • VST (32 & 64 bit)


  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. (AU not compatible with Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina)
  • VST/AU (32 & 64 bit) 

Important Note: The expansions in this bundle requires Zampler // RX 1.0.2 or higher. Download Zampler // RX for free HERE.

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