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Have It All Bundle

Inst Bundle by Have Audio

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"Nordisk Kontrabass is one of those libraries that stands out as something new. Something exciting and fresh to integrate with your more standard orchestral libraries."
. Film & TV Composer (Ice Road Rescue, Haunted, Tainted, Thale).
"Omnidrums is hands down the best sounding drum VSTs out there. It's simply a joy to create with."
. Film composer, guitarist, performer and co-founder of Sharp Eleven Music, Introvert Media and Edge Effect Media.
"Nordisk Kontrabass has sounds I've found nowhere else - it is awesome. I've been using it on everything since I got it and I love it. It is expressive, emotive and honestly just really fun to play with."
. Film composer (Brahms: The Boy II, Devil Inside, Wer).

Expand your sonic palette with the Have It All Bundle, the complete collection of Kontakt Instruments and sample packs from Have Audio. Featuring three stellar Kontakt libraries and eight sample packs for cinematic scoring, the Have It All Bundle provides over 40 GB of groundbreaking content for writing top quality music.

What's included?

3 Sample Libraries for Full Kontakt 5.6.8+

  • Omnidrums
  • Nordisk Kontrabass
  • Sax Fury

8 Sample Packs

  • Analog Realm
  • Digital Realm
  • Fractal Textures
  • Drum Loops
  • Haunted Piano
  • Multiphonics Alto Sax
  • Nordisk Kontrabass Melodic Phrases
  • Reversed Architecture: Upside Down

Kontakt Instuments


Recorded with an insane level of details (up to 12 dynamics and 8 round robins), Omnidrums offers total control over the mixing (12 channels) bringing the recording studio experience right on your computer. It features drums techniques never sampled so far (stacks and sounds of each kit element hit in multiple positions) and gives you tons of colour variation for each element for an absolute realistic and modern drumming experience. Likely one of the most complete, omni-comprehensive drum VST on the market, Omnidrums is much more than just another great drums Instrument for Kontakt. It's 2 instruments in 1!


Main Sounds

  • 21 different Kick sounds: 18 - 20 - 24 with different tunings and playing techniques
  • 120+ snare sounds and techniques: one-shots, drag, rim, rim-drag, rolls, press rolls, harmonics, stacks, tunings and special effects.
  • 120+ snare roll techniques, from standard to unconventional: different shapes, dynamics and length.
  • 140+ tom sounds and techniques: one-shots, rim shots, drag, rim-drag, rolls, harmonics, tunings and special effects.
  • 200+ cymbal sounds and techniques (hi-hat, ride, crashes) including one-shots, positions (cymbals played in multiple positions to get different colours), rolls, effects, stacks, prototypes and odd cymbals etc.
  • 230+ time stretchable loops and rhythmic patterns
  • 43 time stretchable Jazz fills
  • Lots of creative textures and objects

Built-In Effects and Controls

  • 3 Dirt effects: 2 (Quake and Debris) analogue-processed and 1 IR.
  • Built-in top-class Reverb and Delay algorithms
  • Reverse Function on each sample
  • Warp: two modes (FREE, HOST)
  • User Auto-mapping system
  • 12-Channels Routing mode
  • Panning on each channel strip

Learn more about Omnidrums.

Nordisk Kontrabass

NORDISK KONTRABASS is a unique upright bass instrument designed for film composers and music producers looking for fresh and original sounds.

Superbly performed by a top creative player, Nordisk Kontrabass is great both as a fat, real-sounding upright bass and as a stand-alone compositional tool, capable of delivering beautiful and engaging string harmonies and textures, powerful rhythms and emotive melodies that will make your music stand out. 

It is influenced by the styles of composers and musicians who redefined film-scoring and contemporary music. References were Jóhann Jóhannson, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Max Richter, Arvo Pärt, most minimalistic music and contemporary European ECM-like improvised music.

The library features 100% playable, full range legato and pizzicato, lots of techniques and textures never sampled before and gives you tons of colour variations and articulations to set cinematic vibes in seconds. You can model new and surprising grooves by using the built-in arpeggiator or manipulate all the phrases and textures recorded for you to personalize them, changing the tempo, performing ritardando and accelerando in real-time, reversing, adding top-class effects and enter a new sound design realm by engaging the ICE knob.

Perfect for epic cues as well as intimate and fragile soundscapes to bring some of the most inspiring Scandinavian and European atmospheres into your compositions.


  • 14000+ samples

Mic Options:

  • Stereo MIC
  • DI

Built-in Effects and Controllers:

  • Arpeggiator
  • Selection of 9 top-class reverbs
  • Ice effect
  • Delay
  • Reverse
  • Warp (real-time controllable time-stretch)
  • Legato speed

Articulation and Preset List:


  • Full range Whales Legato and Phrases 
  • Glissando Whales 
  • Harmony of Whales 
  • Harmony of Whales 2 
  • Full range Pizzicato with 5 articulations/key switches (normal pizzicato, slides, harmonics, fret FX, Street Slap) 
  • Double stops pizzicato 
  • Thumb choked pizzicato 
  • Weird pizzicato 
  • Harmonics 
  • Natural harmonics 
  • Anjor 
  • Dirty tremolo 


  • Twisted pizzicato textures 
  • Wood body percussions 
  • Bow textures 
  • Low Engines 
  • Unusual Textures 
  • Rises 
  • Falls 
  • Pizzicato drone 1 
  • Pizzicato drone 2 
  • Pizzicato drone 3 

Learn more about Nordisk Kontrabass.

Sax Fury

Sax Fury is a new library designed for film composers and producers looking for powerful and original sax extended techniques and textures. It offers a wide range of melodic and atmospheric textures, Coltrane inspired sheets of sounds synched to tempo, multiphonics as well as frullati, vibrato, slap samples and sounds processed by analogue pedal effects.


Built-in Effects:

  • Arpeggiator
  • Reverse
  • Time Travel Bar (real-time controllable Time Stretch)
  • Selection of 9 top-class reverbs
  • Delay

Articulation List:


  • Frullati
  • Key noises
  • Multiphonics
  • Slap
  • Vibrato


  • Air
  • Circular breathing
  • Free textures (melodic, combined, key noises, slap, tremolo, etc.)
  • Frullati textures
  • Key noise textures
  • Key noise rises

Learn more about Sax Fury.

Sample Packs

Analog Realm

Enter the Analog domain with this astounding collection of vintage machines-based sounds. Crafted from scratch with real analogue gear such as Mini Moog Model D, DSI Prophet REV2, Korg MS20, Soma Lyra8, Vermona Retroverb Lancet, Roland Re-201 space echo and recorded in pristine 24-bit quality, this royalty-free sample pack is a breath of fresh air to your sample library. Whether you’re into Berlin minimal techno or pop-rock, this is the perfect weapon to inject a touch of classic vibe into your projects.

Digital Realm

Break new ground with this collection of modern-sounding sample pack! Have Audio focused on digital synthesizers and effects (Eventide pedals, Animoog, Ableton’s Wavetable, Blofeld, Pigments) to provide you with a full palette of a different flavour to spice up your music productions. Complex drones, spacey sounds, ethereal effects, cinematic hits encouraging experiment any path you‘d like to follow in your musical journey.

Multiphonics: Alto Sax

Alto saxophonist Álvaro Pérez Campo delivered 34 exquisite multiphonics to add tension and textural sophistication to your score. Just drag and drop the files to your DAW and start composing!

Reversed Architecture

Reverse is the new black in music production and film scoring. This packs offers an eclectic and original collection of Drag & Drop phrases, drones and FX you can use to spice up your scores or tracks.

Nordisk Kontrabass Melodic Phrases

130 inspiring melodic phrases ideal for a nordic, epic and cinematic music, including 130 Dry phrases + 130 phrases with Effects, Rubato Time and Stereo Mic position.

Fractal Textures

Fractal textures sample pack delivers tons of organic soundscapes for edgy ambient productions. Gloomy pads, evolving drones, radiant layers, sweeping noises, all at your service to randomize your tunes with incredible rich and detailed chaotic phenomena. Recorded at 24-bit resolution with high-end studio devices, the fractal textures sample pack is ready to be dragged and dropped into any DAW or sampler.


This sample pack is delivered as a huge collection of loops produced with the best electronic drum kit around: x0x series, Linn drum, dsi tempest, along with some acoustic kit rolling out at 85 bpm. Have Audio's goal here is to give you a 100% usable range of drumbeats ready to fire up your songs regardless of genre. You can use them as a whole or cut’em into little slices to find the perfect rhythm base to build up your project. Have Audio do the dirty work, you have fun!

Haunted Piano

This is Have Audio's take on spooky piano sounds. Forget about bread and butter ambient relaxation and let this overwhelming sample pack scare the s**t out of you. Have Audio used tons of premium fx to decompose their beloved piano and deliver this morbid collection of loops, aimed to create uncomfortable soundtracks and to find the right music when you’re in the mood for ancestral fear!

System Requirements

  • Requires full version of KONTAKT 5.6.8+
  • Approx. 50 GB free harddrive space
  • 8 GB of RAM or more is recommended

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