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Divine Bundle

FX Bundle by denise

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Three Plugins for Full Creative Control

The Creative Control Bundle combines three of denise Audio's finest plugins. Add the perfect ambience to your music with Perfect Room & Perfect Plate XL, add a touch of powerful saturation with God Mode, and achieve full creative control with this unique collection of plugins from denise Audio.

Perfect Room

Classic algorithmic reverb plugins use a combination of short feedbacking delays to create the illusion of reverberation. These delays cause unwanted metallic resonances and sharp spikes in the reverb’s frequency response. The denise team challenged themselves to create something better - a perfect room - and invented their TXVerb™ technology. Using this technology, the denise Perfect Room doesn’t use delays for the tail and will enhance the character and colouration of any audio you run through it in an extremely natural way, sounding defined and tight from the lowest kick all the way up to the highest vocal.

Looking for feedback from professional musicians and engineers, denise asked Thomas Qvist of the Royal Danish Conservatory to test the Perfect Room. He tried it out with his students, and even though the team at denise think the Perfect Room is powerful, it’s always an exciting moment for them to find out if the real world actually likes it, too. Go and test it yourselves...


  • TXVerb™ reverb technology: Unique algorithm that enhances natural character & colouration.
  • Zero metallic resonance: Retain the clarity and presence of your lead instruments without metallic cluttering.
  • Completely tight low-end: Add reverb that sounds completely tight when used on low sources like kick-drums, toms, basses & synths.
  • Larger than life mono –> stereo: Create a wide stereo reverb from a mono source without any phase issues.
  • Crazy effects: Built-in Shimmer, Detune & Internal Ducker.
  • Single tracks, busses & mastering: Sounds so balanced you can use it on your whole track during mastering.
  • Perfect for external FX: Used on a bus, you can combine the Perfect Room with all kinds of effects to create character and excitement.

Learn more about Perfect Room.

Perfect Plate XL

Shape your perfect plate by taking control over character & movement, with the denise Perfect Plate XL.

The TXVerb™ technology that drives the Perfect Room - a plugin many engineers regard to be the best sounding natural reverb - is also at the base of denise’s newest plugin the Perfect Plate XL. The denise team believes that being able to take creative control over character and movement gives you the ability to design your perfect plate reverb.


  • Creative control over the plate’s coloration, character and movement, with the 5 aspects that determine a plate’s sound.
  • Control over the plate’s damping curve over time.
  • Larger than life mono –> stereo: Create a wide stereo reverb from a mono source without any phase issues.
  • Rotator and Ducker: create movement by ducking and combining host-synced vibrato, tremolo, filtering and panning effects.
  • Resonator: lets you inject metallic imperfections, build cinematic & SciFi effects or turn any audio source into a synth.
  • Detune and Saturation: control the lofi and vintage quality
  • Resizable GUI & Catalina support
  • Perfect for external FX: Used on a bus, you can combine the Perfect Plate with all kinds of effects to create character and excitement.
  • TXVerb™ reverb technology: Unique algorithm that enhances natural character & coloration. Alongside the Perfect Plate XL, denise also release a classic version called Perfect Plate. The classic version is great for users who simply require a lush and greatsounding plate. The XL version extends the sound design capabilities by adding an EQgraph, control of the damping slope and creative effects specifically tailored for thisreverb.

Learn more about Perfect Plate XL.

God Mode

The God Mode makes use of a push-pull technology inspired by the legendary analogue Pultec EQ, a passive tube eq from the 50s, widely used in the 70s/80s for both broadcasting and mixing. The Pultec EQ would ‘push’ the gain for a certain frequency range into its tube circuit, and would then ‘pull’ it back again, to smooth out the frequency response. This creates a sound close to the original but with a nice warmth added to the boosted frequency ranges. God Mode introduces a modern version of this technique.

The first step to using God Mode is to boost or ‘push’ certain frequencies in your track that you like to be more saturated or distorted. You can, for example, use one shelf to boost the highs and one peak to boost a certain colour or resonance. Because you push these frequencies harder into the saturation algorithm, they will be naturally more affected by it. The second step is to decide if and how much ‘pull’ to apply to the boosted frequencies. This gives you creative control over the amount of colouration and the option to create a perfectly balanced frequency response for your track. The result: a beautifully saturated signal, specifically coloured according to the frequencies ‘pushed’.

The God Mode doesn't stop there though. It has a ‘live’ mode for recording, that uses regular filters without latency instead of linear phase filters. It has a side-chain to create rhythmic distortion effects, and you can pan the wet and dry sound individually. In addition, one of the three drive effects uses a ‘on steroids’ version of the Tape Analog VM™ algorithm from the Bad Tape. It allows for subtle saturation on the master as well as crazy over the top distortion effects on bass, vocals and synths.


  • Super easy to use Graph
  • Unique Push & Pull technology
  • Tape Analog VM™ algorithm on steroids also featured in denise' Bad Tape plugin
  • Linear Phase Filters: Pristine sound quality and in-phase dry/wet mixing
  • Individual dry/wet panning
  • Live recording Mode
  • Create rhythmical drive with the ‘side-tape’ side chain
  • Subtle to extreme use on single track instruments, busses & mastering

Learn more about God Mode.

System Requirements


  • OSX 10.7 to macOS 10.15 (64-bit only)
  • VST, VST3, AU, AAX


  • Windows 7 or newer (64-bit only)
  • VST, VST3, AAX

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