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Lo-Fi Bundle

FX Bundle by denise

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Four Plugins for LoFi Sounds

The LoFi Bundle from denise Audio brings together four of their finest effects for creating warm, crunchy, lo-fi sounds in your productions. Create out-of-tune, wonky beats with Bad Tape, produce warm, colourful sounds with Punisher, create crazy filter sweeps with The Sweeper and add the finishing analogue touch to your track with Noize 2.

Bad Tape

Combining a good old vintage tape sound with harming features makes the Bad Tape a very creative and versatile tool. Want an “out of tune and off the grid” beat or a wonky drum groove? Just keep the detune button pressed and it will create a tape-stop in real-time. Press it shortly for slight slow-downs and speed-ups, or use wow and shake to make it go in and out of tune and go off-grid periodically. Use the mix knob to create tracks that are heavily saturated and detuned, with additional interesting tape artifacts like hiss, squeal and harm. The Bad Tape can be used to colour and detune your whole track, or it can be applied to just one bar at the end of a section to help introduce some variation and lead in the next section of your song.


  • Mix: Smoothly mix in different extreme tape artifacts with great precision.
  • Detune (Tape stop): Slow down the tape in real-time, as if you would press your finger on the tape reel.
  • Wobble & Shake: Randomly detune the pitch of your track like your tape machine has an inconsistent playback speed.
  • Harm: Introduce failing tape artifacts with subtle bitcrushing.
  • Squeal & Noize: Add old tape machine noises for character and vibe.
  • Colour & Speed: Adjust the colour and speed of the tape for a unique flavour.
  • Saturate your tracks for that good old vintage tape sound. Warm and smooth character due to hysteresis emulation.
  • Comes with presets for synth, drums, bass and classic tape-style effects.
  • Low CPU usage & works offline without dongles or complex licence managers.

Learn more about and download the trial version of Bad Tape.

Noize 2

There are many ways to use adaptive noise to enhance your tracks. Working strictly in-the-box, you can use Noize 2.0 to add power and aggressiveness to tight basslines, add analog flavour to pads, lead-synths and percussion loops, create vintage sounding vocal parts and manipulate the attack and sustain of any element in your mix. If you are working on studio recordings instead, you can use Noize 2.0 to add width and depth to cleaned-up drum and percussion parts, add rome-tone from scratch and enhance the presence of guitars, strings and vocals.

Noize 2.0 makes this all very easy. Load Noize 2.0 on a track and mix in your favourite kind of noise with the adaptive mode turned on. You can then use the rise, fall, HPF, LPF and stereo features to tweak the behaviour and flavour of the adaptive noise. Using custom samples and combining the Noize 2.0 with additional effects, such as bit crushing, flanging, tap-delay and reverb, gives you many more ways of adding a creative touch to your music. To facilitate this, Noize 2.0 has a solo option that mutes the source signal so you can route the generated adaptive noise signal to an effects bus for adding any effects you like.


  • A switch to generate noise that adapts to the volume of your track, in real-time.
  • Load and edit your own noise samples.
  • Choose between 8 types of noise and apply additional filtering.
  • Mute the original audio to isolate the noise signal and apply additional effects.
  • Optimize the behaviour of the noise by tweaking the rise and fall time.
  • Additional plugins that compliment the Noize: Bite and Space Invader. 
  • Low CPU load.

Learn more about and download the trial version of Noize 2.

The Sweeper

Shape Your Sound

The Sweeper plugin is a dynamic envelope following a filter with sidechain input. The plugin works by responding to a received input, either directly or via the sidechain, and moving a low pass filter or high pass filter to the shape of that input. This gives the plugin incredible flexibility and a broad range of uses, whether that’s with generating effects, or being used more precisely as a mixing tool. The plugin is suitable as a more natural-sounding and precise alternative to sidechain compression, for example.


  • Adaptive Filter: The Sweeper sets its frequency based on the loudness of the source or side chain signal.
  • Resonance: Go from subtle to extreme resonance for a wide range of use cases.
  • Side Chain: Shape the frequency response of one track using another track as a trigger signal. Invent new sounds and create space in your mix.
  • Interactive Graph: See in real-time how the filter response to the source signal or side-chain.
  • Attack & Release: Precisely control the filter’s behaviour over time.
  • Start & End-Frequency: Define the filter’s desired start and end frequency with the option to flip its direction.
  • Resizable Interface

Learn more about The Sweeper.


Punisher is a tape-style saturator with a unique way to control the colouration of the drive effect. You can use it to add flavour and character to synths, vocals and drums, or to entire beats or mixes.

Most saturator plugins have very limited features for affecting the colouration of the drive effect. Punisher uses a unique internal push/pull equalizer curve to tailor your saturation effect to your track. This way you can, for example, only target the high end of a drum beat, preserving the kick transients in a very natural way. Or only target the mid-range of a synth to retain its definition.

Punisher is part of the upcoming denise 'God Mode’ plugin, that allows full control over the internal push/pull equalizer curve and a blend of three different distortion types.


  • Tape-style saturation.
  • Shape the colouration of your drive effect.
  • Unique push/pull EQ curve.
  • Smooth EQ curve transitions.
  • Easy to use.

Learn more about Punisher.

System Requirements


  • macOS 10.7 or newer Big Sur (M1) included
  • VST, VST3, AU, AAX (64-bit only)


  • Windows 7 or newer
  •  VST, VST3, AAX (64-bit only)

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