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All In One: ImPerfect Presets

Synth Presets by W.A Production

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ImPerfect is one of the most unique synths on the market today, and since its inception, W.A Production have created a vast library of incredible presets that take full advantage of the plugin's features. Now, you have the exciting opportunity to bring all of these presets together in one comprehensive package, All In One: ImPerfect Presets.

All In One: ImPerfect Presets contains all of the Imperfect expansions W.A Production have ever developed! Whether you're looking for innovative Trance presets, Cinematic presets, Lofi Hip Hop presets, or something else entirely, you're sure to find what you need in this enormous collection. If you're a fan of the ImPerfect plugin, the All in One: ImPerfect Presets bundle will be an indispensable part of your production library. Download it today and expand your possibilities!

Trap for ImPerfect

Are you looking for game-changing Trap sounds? Look no further than Trap for ImPerfect by W. A. Production.

In Trap for ImPerfect, you'll find bouncy Leads, booming Basses, and sensational Pluck sounds sure to catch fire in your next Trap beat.

Learn more about Trap for ImPerfect.

Progressive Deep for ImPerfect

Introducing Progressive Deep for ImPerfect! This expansion of the ImPerfect synth includes a dazzling array of impactful bass sounds, beautiful arpeggiated synths, warm pads, and much more, creating beautiful, deep soundscapes.

You'll have a collection of 60 new and inspiring presets to add to your uniquely powerful ImPerfect synth. Be sure to get your hands on this today - you won't be disappointed!

Learn more about Progressive Deep for ImPerfect.

Future Rave for Imperfect

As fans of the Future Rave genre, W.A Production's team decided it was time to take advantage of ImPerfect's design engine to give you Future Rave for ImPerfect.

Future Rave for Imperfect includes 60 versatile presets that will be a great addition to your toolkit. You'll get the classic sounds from this genre with a modern and inspiring twist! With the basses, leads, synths, and FX included in this expansion, you'll have everything you need for your next Future Rave track, so download it today and get to work!

Learn more about Future Rave for Imperfect.

Majestic Pads for ImPerfect

Pads come in various shapes and sizes, but without exception, they are some of the most all-encompassing, spectrum-filling sounds in any track.

Expansive, lush pads are an essential piece of many genres, so that's why W.A. Production built Majestic Pads for ImPerfect.

Majestic Pads for ImPerfect includes 60 heavenly pad presets designed using the powerful ImPerfect synth. Majestic Pads for ImPerfect takes advantage of all the synth has to offer, resulting in meticulously crafted soundscapes that you'll wonder how you survived without until now.

Learn more about Majestic Pads for ImPerfect.

Cinematic for ImPerfect

Creating epic cinematic soundscapes relies heavily on the most unique and creative sounds. The best way to achieve these types of sounds is to embrace and shape tonal inaccuracies. This makes ImPerfect the most prime tool for developing over the top cinematic sounds. What better way to showcase this than with the latest preset pack from W.A. Production, Cinematic For ImPerfect.

Cinematic music is in high demand for gaming, short film, promotional material, as well as playlists, and theatrical soundtracks. Cinematic for ImPerfect gives you an endless array of diverse opportunities. Create dramatic and emotionally impactful layers, build suspenseful tension, make monumental impacts, and design FX that put the listener in the moment itself.

Learn more about Cinematic for ImPerfect.

Lo-Fi Hip Hop for ImPerfect

Rather than listen, isn't it about time you are listened to? So many people search YouTube for the perfect background music to study, to unwind, or just to lounge around and chill. You've got the skill, the beats are laid out flawlessly. All you need now is the right sound. You don't want pre-made samples. You want to rely on your artistic talent to dictate the flow, right?

Now it can. With the Lo-Fi Hip-Hop preset pack for ImPerfect from W. A. Production. There is no better way to create the unique tonal qualities of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop than with ImPerfect. In this pack of presets, you will find every pad, lead, bass, and atmospheric sound that will elevate your creation to the top of the search results.

Learn more about Lo-Fi Hip Hop for ImPerfect.

Trance for ImPerfect

Impactful Trance music requires booming soundscapes, creative rhythmic textures, and those iconic analog-inspired synths. ImPerfect is the perfect tool to create and morph these necessary elements and more, which is why W.A. Production have developed this incredible expansion pack: Trance for ImPerfect by W.A. Production.

Trance music is a legendary genre spanning multiple decades and shows no sign of going away any time soon. Trance for ImPerfect immediately ups your game with 50 uniquely designed presets that are ready to plug right into your newest production. Or, use ImPerfect's powerful engine to transform the presets into the perfect sound for your mix.

From classic arpeggiated synths and warm pads to airy leads and bright chords, Trance for ImPerfect has everything you need to create the next epic Trance hit. Get your copy of Trance for ImPerfect by W.A. Production today and see the difference it will make in your productions.

Learn more about Trance for ImPerfect.

Ambient for ImPerfect

What About: Ambient for ImPerfect is the ultimate preset pack that will unleash all of the capabilities of ImPerfect. Having been designed to make imperfections shine, what better way to get your hands and ears on those unique sounds than with What About: Ambient for Imperfect from W. A. Production.  

We all know that ambient sounds carry lots of interesting frequencies. Imagine being able to load them up in ImPerfect and modify your way into soundscapes beyond this world. Add some relaxation to your chill, fantasy to your trance, atmosphere to your trap, and noise to your industrial. No matter the style of EDM you are creating, What About: Ambient for ImPerfect will add that extra something that you've been missing.

Learn more about Ambient for ImPerfect.

Ambient for ImPerfect 2

Explore a world full of spine chilling, heart-gripping, mood-setting atmospheres. Twist, turn, modify and mangle any of the 60 presets in this pack to make your own soundscape surroundings come to life.

Need a breathtaking intro? Or just need to give your track character and texture? You'll find everything you need for any mood and from multiple instrument types.

Ambient for ImPerfect 2 allows you to build layers of harmonic tones for chillout, chillstep, downtempo, ambient house, or create lush and beautiful electronic music for relaxation, studying, meditation, or cinematic productions.

Learn more about Ambient for ImPerfect 2.

Vocals for ImPerfect

Looking for more reasons as to why Imperfect is so perfect? Then check out this latest addition, What About: Vocals for ImPerfect. ImPerfect gladly accepts the imperfection in sounds. Why not use those imperfections and shape them into something totally unique? Rather than work against you, they can work for you. 

That's why W.A Production are giving you 50 vocal presets for ImPerfect. That's right, with these 50 additional preset sounds added to the ImPerfect library you can add wacky, cracky and shaky to develop a sound that will put the vocal presence into your mix or allow you to design an atmosphere for any occasion. This isn't your typical ooohh's and aahhhh's vocal pack. With so many different ways to edit and manipulate the number of combinations that you can use you can end up with an endless array of possibilities that are nearly ImPossible to duplicate.  

Learn more about Vocals for ImPerfect.

Vocals for ImPerfect 2

Somebody once said, "Imperfection is perfection." Nothing could be more true! That's why W.A Production had to follow up on their last Vocals for ImPerfect release with Vocals for ImPerfect 2!

ImPerfect is the best tool to create the most unique sounds possible. With Vocals for ImPerfect 2, W.A Production are giving you 60 incredible presets designed to sound like nothing you've heard before! With so many different ways to edit and manipulate the sounds, you can end up with an endless array of possibilities. The countless unique combinations you can create makes Vocals for ImPerfect 2 extremely diverse and applicable for use in any EDM genre.

Learn more about Vocals for ImPerfect 2.

System Requirements

  • W.A Production ImPerfect is required in order to use this software.
  • VST - Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only)
  • VST / AU - Mac OSX 10.7 or higher (64-bit only)
  • AAX - ProTools 11 or higher

Important Note: W.A Production ImPerfect is required in order to use these presets.

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