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DrumSpillage 2

Drum Machine by AudioSpillage

12 / Synthesis Algorithms

DrumSpillage is a model based drum synthesizer plugin for Mac OS X featuring 12 exclusive drum models capable of synthesizing a diverse range of electronic percussion sounds.

The models implement a variety of synthesis techniques including classic analog, physical modelling and FM synthesis.

  • Bass Drum - Dual oscillators, multiple waveforms and FM enabled. Tuned for deep kick and bass drums.
  • Bass Drum 2 - Solid analog sounding kick drums with full control over pitch, decay and transient attack.
  • Snare Drum - Snappy electronic snare model. Fully customisable from classic TR sounds to modern snare timbres.
  • Wood Drum - Flexible wooden drum model delivering natural and synthetic timbres from rim-shots to congas.
  • Synth Clap - Synthetic hand clap with control over noise source, clap speed and ambience tail.
  • Hand Bell - Modelled bell sounds with overtone, edge, filter, partials and q controls. Multiple oscillator shapes.
  • Clave - Dual oscillator + noise combination. Fully tuneable with unique flam and presence controls.
  • Hi-Hat - Sweet closed and open hi-hat timbres with precision control over oscillators, noise and dual-filters.
  • Cymbal - Rich source of metallic cymbal and percussion timbres featuring dynamic filter control.
  • Membrane - Modelled after a suspended metal membrane. Generates dense inharmonic sound clouds and glass-like timbres.
  • Noise Drum - 4 band pass filtered noise oscillators with variable Q, pitch and lo-fi effects. Now includes sine generators!
  • FM Percussion - A mini FM synth in itself. Generates a huge range of electronic percussion from sub-bass to snares.

New UI

DrumSpillage 2 features a brand new user interface design. Whilst keeping the version 1 aesthetic intact we've tightened up the overall structure and improved workflow. Modulation and velocity controls are now ultra simple to set up. Extra large easy-to-hit sliders and clearer labelling simplify your drum design process

Upgraded Synthesis

DrumSpillage 2 adds new synthesis controls and significantly upgraded sound quality across the board. The hi-hat and cymbal models now use anti-aliased oscillators for a sweeter sound. Further upgrades include improved filtering, new distortion algorithms, 3-band resonator, frequency shifter effects and an optimised DSP chain to ensure a tight sound with low CPU overhead.

Modulation and Velocity Control

DrumSpillage includes 4 dedicated LFOs per pad and a new dynamic velocity system to control the synthesis parameters in real-time via MIDI velocity. LFOs can be cross-modulated and feature new waveform shapes. These new features combine to create extremely dynamic synthesized drum kits.

New Presets and Stability

DrumSpillage 2 includes a selection of new presets demonstrating the expanded sound design capabilities of the instrument. A lot of development work has gone into making DrumSpillage 2.0 a more robust instrument with respect to preset management and audio stability.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
  • AudioUnit Host (with Cocoa support)

Compatible Hosts

  • Apple Logic Pro 7.2.3+
  • Ableton Live 8.0.5+
  • Native Instruments Maschine 1.6+*
  • Five12 Numerology SE/Pro 2.0+
  • MOTU Digital Performer 6.0+
  • Presonus Studio One 1.6+
  • Plogue Bidule 0.9690+
  • Cockos Reaper 3.1+
  • Renoise 2.1+
  • AudioMulch 2.1+

*Ensure Maschine is running in 64-bit mode.


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