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Amp Simulator see all Amp Simulators

Bit Crusher see all Bit Crushers



by D16 Group

Effects | Bit Crusher

Avg. rating:5

Channel Strip see all Channel Strips

Chorus see all Chorus

Compressor see all Compressors

De-Esser see all De-Essers

Delay see all Delays



by D16 Group

Effects | Delay

Avg. rating:5

Distortion see all Distortions

DJ Tools see all DJ Tools

Drum FX see all Drum FXes

Effects Expansion Packs see all Effects Expansion Packs

Enhancer see all Enhancers



by Waves

Effects | Enhancer

Avg. rating:5


Envelope Shaper see all Envelope Shapers

EQ see all EQs

Exciter see all Exciters


Expander see all Expanders

Filter see all Filters

Flanger see all Flangers

Frequency Shifter see all Frequency Shifters

FX Bundle see all FX Bundles

Gate see all Gates

Granular FX see all Granular FXes

Limiter see all Limiters

Mastering see all Mastering s


Mastering Suite see all Mastering Suites

MIDI Arp see all MIDI Arps

Modulator see all Modulators

Multi-Effect see all Multi-Effect s

Noise Removal see all Noise Removals

Phaser see all Phasers



by OhmForce

Effects | Phaser

Avg. rating:4



by Sinevibes

Effects | Phaser

Avg. rating:5

Pitch Shifter see all Pitch Shifters

Preamp see all Preamps

Reverb see all Reverbs

Saturation see all Saturations

Sequencer see all Sequencers

Spectral Analysis see all Spectral Analyses

Stereo Width see all Stereo Widths

Surround Tools see all Surround Tools

Transient Shaper see all Transient Shapers

Tremolo see all Tremolos

Vibrato see all Vibratos

Vocal Processing see all Vocal Processings

Vocoder see all Vocoders