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620x320 air creativefxcollectionplus34

deal - 34% off 4 Feb - February 22, 2016

AIR Creative FX Collection Plus Exclusive Sale

The original AIR Creative FX collection has been included as part of Pro Tools® since Version 8 and is considered the reference FX suite by some of the world’s most respected audio professionals. AIR FX has been featured in many of the last decade’s top film, game and music projects. Each plugin has been expertly designed with ease of use in mind and will ensure professional results each time.
620x320 synthsanthology

deal - 50% off 4 Feb - February 9, 2016

UVI Synths Anthology Weekend Sale

An Incredible Collection of Vintage Synths, Comprehensively Multisampled. No mere simulations here - thanks to state-of-the-art sampling technology the character and the power of each classic synth is immediately heard. Featuring - Jupiters, Yamaha, Oberheim, Prophets, ARPS and a lot more! Hurry, this sale ends on Monday.
620x320 gold77

deal - 77% off 8 Dec - March 1, 2016

Waves Gold Bundle December Sale

The industry’s most popular plugin bundle, Gold brings a wealth of mixing and mastering power to your studio, including many of our most sought-after plugins like the legendary L1 Ultramaximizer, C4 Multiband Compressor, H-Comp, and H-Delay. With compression, EQ, reverb, and more, Waves Gold contains all the essentials you need to take your mixes to the next level.
Greg wells mixcentric620

deal - 25% off19 Jan - February 8, 2016

Waves Greg Wells MixCentric Introductory Sale

This intuitive plugin is a quick solution for finalizing your mix. Using EQ, compression and harmonic distortion to process your master buss or groups, Greg Wells MixCentric enhances and balances the tonality of your mix. Combined with your limiter of choice, it brings your mix up to par with fully mastered and released material.
620x320 xln holiday season 2015

deal - 35% off 3 Dec - March 1, 2016

XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 Christmas Sale

Christmas is only around the corner and we're getting ready with our friends over at XLN Audio and offering 35% off their award winning Addictive Drums 2 range. Grab Addictive Drums 2, Addictive Drums 2 Custom and Addictive Drums 2 Creative Collection now for 35% off!
620x320 latinpercussion

deal - 23% off 4 Feb - February 16, 2016

AudioThing Latin Percussion Introductory Sale

Latin Percussion is a sample-based plugin emulation of the Sound Master Latin Percussion, a rare analog drum machine from the 80s.
620x320 all75

deal - 75% off 5 Feb - February 16, 2016

Minimal System Group 75% off Sale

For a limited time only, save a huge 75% off all Minimal System Group plugins.
620x320 gregwellspiano34

deal - 34% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Greg Wells PianoCentric February Sale

The Greg Wells PianoCentric plugin is the second in a line of Greg Wells Signature Series plugins, created in collaboration with multiple GRAMMY®-nominated producer, songwriter, musician and mixing engineer Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry, OneRepublic, Mika, Twenty One Pilots), who has songs on over 85 million units sold.
620 x 320 pib izotope nectar

deal - 77% off10 Jun - March 31, 2016

iZotope Nectar Elements

The award winning Nectar Elements from iZotope is currently 77% off at Plugin Boutique.
Greg wells signature series

deal - 30% off21 Jan - February 8, 2016

Waves Greg Wells Signature Series Introductory Sale

Get quick access to the signature sound of producer/mixer Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry, OneRepublic). Three plugins for vocals, piano, and your full mix.
Waves nx virtual mix room 620

deal - 50% off31 Jan - February 8, 2016

Waves Nx - Virtual Mix Room over Headphones Introductory Sale

Waves Nx is a virtual monitoring plugin that simulates the ideal acoustics of a high-end mix room – inside your headphones. Powered by Waves’ groundbreaking Nx technology, Waves Nx lets you hear, on headphones, the same natural depth, natural reflections, and panoramic stereo image you would be hearing from speakers in an actual room.
620x320 eternalsaletemplate 7thfeb

deal - 50% off 1 Feb - March 1, 2016

MeldaProduction Eternal Madness Sale

For this week only, save 50% off MAutoVolume, MDrumEnhancer, MMultiBandBitFun, MMultiBandComb and MFreeformAnalogEq.
Main image

deal - 60% off 2 Feb - March 1, 2016

Celemony Melodyne Editor to Melodyne 4 Studio UPGRADE Sale

Melodyne 4 studio offers you all Melodyne functions for both correction and creative applications on an unlimited number of tracks. You can edit the sound and musical content of your recordings in such an intuitive manner or make such far-reaching changes with no other audio tool.
Abbey road collection

deal - 18% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Abbey Road Collection February Sale

Developed in association with Abbey Road Studios, Waves’ Abbey Road Collection features a lineup of exquisite plugins that meticulously model the fabled studios’ legendary microphones, consoles, tape machines and signature effects, as heard on countless historic recordings and pop masterpieces.
Wavessinature drum and bass 620

deal - 18% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Signature Series Bass and Drums February Sale

Introducing Waves Signature Series Bass & Drums Collection, with nine custom processing chains created in collaboration with Chris Lord-Alge, Eddie Kramer, Jack Joseph Puig and Tony Maserati.
Waves cla classic compressors

deal - 83% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Classic Compressors by Chris Lord-Alge February Sale

Waves and Chris Lord-Alge join forces to bring you impeccable models of four compressors considered true classics by audio engineers the world over.

deal - 69% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series February Sale

Six application-specific audio plugins, created in collaboration with Grammy®-winning mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge. They call him Lord of the Mix. For over 20 years, Chris Lord-Alge has been the mixing engineer of choice for rock & roll royalty.
Waves dave aude emp

deal - 59% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Dave Audé EMP Toolbox February Sale

There's mixing, there's remixing and then there's Dave Audé, the electronic music producer trusted by the world’s most demanding artists to turn their hits into super-hits. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Madonna, Coldplay, Celine Dion, Chris Brown, U2 and Selena Gomez. All have graced the Billboard charts, and all have had #1 Dance Singles remixed by Dave Audé. (Dave has ninety Billboard #1’s to date.)

deal - 27% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Diamond February Sale

A comprehensive collection of audio processing tools, Diamond brings unparalleled signal processing power to your studio, for tracking, mixing, mastering, creative sound design, and audio restoration. Diamond includes all the plugins found in our Platinum, Restoration, and Transform bundles, as well as V-Comp, L3 Multimaximizer and more. From dynamics, equalization, and reverb to pitch correction, spatial imaging, harmonic enhancement and beyond, Diamond is a must have for every serious studio.
Waves eddie kramer signature series 620

deal - 18% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Eddie Kramer Signature Series February Sale

When The Beatles recorded “All You Need Is Love”, the man behind the board was Eddie Kramer. When Jimi Hendrix recorded “Purple Haze”, the man behind the board was Eddie Kramer. When Led Zeppelin recorded “Whole Lotta Love”, the man behind the board was Eddie Kramer. When you’re ready to make some music history of your own, get Eddie Kramer behind the board.
Waves grand masters

deal - 18% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Grand Masters February Sale

Grand Masters is a complete set of precision processors that give you the mastering muscle you need for subtle or surgical manipulation of your mixes. Including the complete Masters bundle (L2, LinEQ, LinMB) plus ten new plugins, the Grand Masters expands upon the legacy of the original, delivering the world’s first truly all-inclusive mastering toolset in one collection.
Jjp signature series

deal - 23% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves JJP Signature Series February Sale

Iconic GRAMMY® award -winning producer/engineer Jack Joseph Puig and his personal palette of tones, shades, and hues have illuminated and empowered a kaleidoscope of projects that have spanned commercial record making. His vivid and vibrant productions have defined and redefined the sound of contemporary pop, rock, country, and urban music, time and time again.
Waves masters

deal - 41% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Masters February Sale

Your tracking is complete and your mixes are good to go. Now let Masters give your recording that competitive edge. With linear phase filters for breathtaking transparency and Waves IDR™ Increased Digital Resolution, you’re guaranteed maximum sound, translucent and clear.

deal - 28% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Mercury February Sale

With over 140 stellar plugins and more than 400 components, Mercury features more Waves in one package than ever before! From equalizers, reverbs, compressors and limiters to noise reduction, surround processors, modeled analog console modules, Signature Series collections and beyond, there has never been such a comprehensive collection as this. The Mercury bundle offers more effects, more channel components and more mixing tools than ever before in one place.
Manny marroquin

deal - 18% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Manny Marroquin Signature Series February Sale

Four-time GRAMMY® award-winning mixing engineer Manny Marroquin takes the Waves Signature Series to a new level with six hybrid plugins that bring his unique workflow to your studio.
Waves morgan page

deal - 17% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Morgan Page EMP Toolbox February Sale

Whether he's remixing for superstars or putting out his own GRAMMY®-nominated singles, few artists are as adept as Morgan Page when straddling the line between electronic dance beats and pop sensibilities. From chart-topping powerhouses like Katy Perry and Madonna to industry darlings Tegan & Sara and Icona Pop, Morgan Page has been called upon by every brand of hit-maker to paint their songs with new colors and sounds for the club scene.
Musicians 2

deal - 59% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Musicians 2 February Sale

Who uses Waves? The world’s top producers, engineers, sound designers, and recording artists. When the people who lead the field need perfect sound, they turn to Waves for all their tracking, mixing, and mastering needs. Now, you can, too—with Musicians 2.
Musicians 1

deal - 54% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Musicians 1 February Sale

What makes a hit sound so good? If it's on the Billboard charts, chances are it was tracked, mixed, and mastered using Waves. Musicians 1 is an outstanding collection containing several of our most coveted processors. Look at what you get: delay, chorus, phasing, flanging, compression, gating, limiting, double-tracking, level maximization, and more. Let Musicians 1 open your ears to new worlds of sound!

deal - 78% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Platinum Exclusive Sale

Platinum is an extraordinary collection of signal processing tools. From dynamics, equalization, and reverb to pitch correction, spatial imaging, harmonic enhancement and beyond, Platinum is ideal for sound design, mixing, mastering and more. Featuring all the plugins found in our Gold, Masters, and Renaissance Maxx bundles, plus L3 Ultramaximizer, PuigTec EQP-1A, PuigTec MEQ-5 and more, Platinum is a powerful production arsenal for any studio.
Power pack

deal - 60% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Power Pack February Sale

With everything from reverb, delay, and equalization to compression, limiting, and level maximization, Native Power Pack is a perfect introduction to the Waves experience. Whether you are just getting started or you are expanding your production palette, NPP gives you the processing power you and your mixes just can’t do without.
One knob

deal - 18% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves OneKnob Series February Sale

This brand new series plugins takes meticulous tweaking out of the process. With extensive know-how behind the scenes all the master studio techniques are happening behind the scenes, giving you - the producer - instant results. Each plugin has been crafted to deliver particular results most commonly sought after in studio production. Wouldn't you prefer to have just a single knob that will allow you to skip directly to the desired result? Now you don't have to wish for that anymore - your dream plugins are here.
Tape tubes transistors

deal - 18% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Tape, Tubes & Transistors February Sale

Developed in association with Eddie Kramer, Tape, Tubes & Transistors features three meticulously-modeled vintage plugins: Kramer Master Tape, HLS Channel, and PIE Compressor. Together, they recreate Eddie’s golden audio chain, which he used to record musical icons like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles. Now, the legendary sound of London's Olympic Studios can be yours—with Tape, Tubes & Transistors.

deal - 69% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Renaissance MAXX February Sale

In the digital production environment, rich, warm sound is the holy grail. Renaissance Maxx delivers the warmth of vintage analog hardware with the flexibility and precision control of digital software. This is the classic Waves sound, heard on countless hit records and major motion pictures worldwide.
Waves sound design suite

deal - 18% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Sound Design Suite February Sale

With over 30 plugins hand-picked especially for sound designers and post production facilities, the Waves Sound Design Suite is a comprehensive and cost-effective collection of audio plugins that provides all the essentials—without breaking the bank.

deal - 81% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Silver Exclusive Sale

Maybe you’ve got some tunes up online, and you’re beginning to attract some real attention. Or your band is packing the clubs, and you’re ready to lay down some serious tracks—but you’re not ready to lay down serious bucks. Finally, Waves has created a bundle just for you.

deal - 60% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves SSL 4000 Collection February Sale

Developed under license from Solid State Logic, The SSL 4000 Collection includes four meticulously modeled plugins based on the legendary SSL 4000 Series: the SSL E-Channel, the SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, the SSL G-Equalizer and the all-new G-Channel.
Tony masserati

deal - 18% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Tony Maserati Signature Series February Sale

Black Eyed Peas. Beyoncé. Jay-Z. Usher. John Legend. Alicia Keys. Jason Mraz. Macy Grey. Mary J. Blige. Rob Thomas. Sting. David Bowie. Tupac Shakur. Notorious B.I.G. They’ve all turned to Tony Maserati for his magic touch. Now, you can too. When you’re ready for the hit sound, get on the fast track with Maserati’s custom-built high performance processing chains.

deal - 18% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Signature Series Vocals February Sale

Introducing Waves Signature Series Vocal Collection, with four custom vocal processing chains, designed by leading producer/engineers Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Nickelback, Creed, Daughtry, All American Rejects, Sum 41, Foo Fighters), Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Kiss, David Bowie, Peter Frampton), Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer, Lady Gaga, Snow Patrol, Counting Crows, Jellyfish, Goo Goo Dolls) and Tony Maserati (Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG, Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat).

deal - 18% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Vocal February Sale

Ask any producer or engineer. They’ll tell you the most important part of any record is the vocal. It’s got to be powerful. It’s got to be commanding. It’s got to be just right. Waves Vocal bundle is the ultimate vocal toolkit, made up of 6 powerful plugins, including Waves Tune for pitch correction and transformation, and DeBreath, which removes unwanted breath sounds—automatically.

deal - 77% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves V-Series February Sale

To most people, they’re just numbers. To audio professionals, they’re hardware legends. Presenting Waves V-Series: Three state-of-the-art Vintage models that capture the sound of the consoles found in the world’s most exclusive recording studios. The big budget sound—at your fingertips.
Wlm loudness meter

deal - 17% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves WLM Plus Loudness Meter February Sale

The Waves WLM Plus Loudness Meter plugin provides precision loudness measurement, metering, correction and adjustment tools for broadcast, movie trailers, games, packaged media and more.

deal - 68% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves REDD February Sale

The REDD-modeled plugins recreate the color, character and tonal complexity of the original consoles, renowned for their silky smooth EQ curves, extraordinary warmth and lush stereo image.

deal - 60% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Kramer Master Tape February Sale

Developed in association with Eddie Kramer, the Kramer Master Tape plugin is modeled on a a rare vintage 1/4″ reel-to-reel machine.

deal - 67% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves SoundShifter February Sale

The world’s most advanced time and pitch shifter plugin, SoundShifter makes it easy to change keys, tempos, durations, and manipulate the time-pitch continuum.

deal - 72% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Kramer HLS Channel February Sale

Modeled on a vintage Helios console, the Eddie Kramer HLS Channel recreates the original’s high-end presence and fat low-frequency boost of its pre-amps and EQs.

deal - 67% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves NLS Non-Linear Summer February Sale

NLS Non-Linear Summer plugin delivers the ultimate analog summing sound in-the-box, featuring three legendary virtual consoles with over 100 individually modeled channels in all.

deal - 67% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves L1 Ultramaximizer February Sale

World-renowned for its transparency and punch, the L1 Ultramaximizer™ peak limiter plugin is ideal for any audio application from mixing to multimedia to CD mastering.

deal - 54% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves NS1 Noise Suppressor February Sale

The NS1 automatic noise suppression plugin instantly analyzes and adapts to your signal in real-time, bringing the foreground into focus as it eliminates unnecessary background noise.

deal - 40% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Element 2.0 Virtual Analog Synth February Sale

Analog-style polyphonic instrument designed to deliver the warm sound of the classics, with all the precision, flexibility and control of a software instrument.

deal - 61% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Trans-X February Sale

Perfect for drum loops, instrumental attacks, or modifying room acoustics, Trans-X transient shaper plugin revitalizes individual tracks and full mixes alike.

deal - 51% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Renaissance Compressor February Sale

Combining technologies from our legendary L1 Ultramaximizer and C1 compressor, the Renaissance Compressor plugin is renowned for its warm compression and expansion.

deal - 74% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves V-EQ4 February Sale

Modeled on the highly sought-after 1081 console module, the V-EQ4 equalizer features detailed high frequency boosts plus High Pass and Low Pass Filters to deliver the real sound of vintage gear.

deal - 61% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves CLA Bass February Sale

Created in association with Grammy award-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge, the CLA Bass plugin delivers the radio-ready rock bass sound of Green Day, Nickelback, and Creed.

deal - 61% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves DeEsser February Sale

When it comes to reducing excess sibilance (“ess” and “shh” sounds) from vocal tracks, nothing compares to Waves DeEsser which delivers smooth and natural output with minimum fuss.

deal - 61% off 3 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Manny Marroquin Tone Shaper February Sale

The Manny Marroquin Tone Shaper plugin is a parallel compressor with 4 bands plus EQ and ‘secret ingredients’ to change the tonality of a track to match your mix.

deal - 32% off 4 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves Studio Classics Collection February Sale

When it comes to audio hardware modeling, Waves sets the standard to which others aspire. Our plugins don’t just mimic components and circuit schematics; they recreate every last nuance of actual hardware behavior. Now, Waves has captured the most respected recording consoles in the world.
Waves api collection 620

deal - 22% off 4 Feb - February 15, 2016

Waves API Collection February Sale

Developed in association with Automated Processes Incorporated, The API Collection features four precision processors based on renowned API modules: the 550A 3-Band Equalizer, the 550B 4-Band Equalizer, the 560 Graphic Equalizer, and the 2500 Stereo Compressor.

deal - 57% off 6 Feb - February 7, 2016

Waves eMo D5 Dynamics Weekend Sale

The first plugin to use Waves’ groundbreaking Parallel Detection technology, Waves eMo D5 delivers the power of five state-of-the-art dynamics processors—Gate, Leveler, DeEsser, Compressor and Limiter—in one easy-to-use interface.

deal - 60% off 6 Feb - February 7, 2016

Waves Vocal Rider Weekend Sale

Vocal Rider is the first of Waves pioneering new series of Mix tools. Simply put, Vocal Rider rides the levels of vocal tracks, automatically.

deal - 63% off 6 Feb - February 7, 2016

Waves SuperTap Weekend Sale

Inspired by the legacy of the classic analog tape delays, SuperTap’s extensive modulation, panning, and filter options give it unprecedented processing power. Sync to your host tempo or tap it in; SuperTap gets you into the right groove.