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iZotope Neutron + Crossgrades Sale 2 Mar - March 31, 2017

Achieve unprecedented focus and clarity in your mixes. Save on Neutron and Loyalty Crossgrades for a limited time and received a FREE Groove3 Neutron Explained Course.

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deal - 45% off 9 Mar - April 30, 2017

Sample Magic Boost Sale (Exclusive)

Boost is a simple, powerful mix processing utility designed to get tracks sounding as full, polished and loud as possible using a minimal amount of processing. Save 45% off exclusively at Plugin Boutique.

deal - 60% off24 Feb - April 1, 2017

SoundSpot Overtone Introductory Sale (Exclusive)

A mastering EQ designed to deliver superior clarity, warmth and punch to your mixes, a trait normally reserved for the most expensive hardware units found in mastering studios across the globe. Save 60% off for a limited time only.

deal - 31% off28 Mar - April 4, 2017

Reveal Sound Spire Sale

Spire is a software polyphonic synthesizer that combines powerful sound engine modulation and flexible architecture, a graphical interface provides unparalleled usability. Spire is the embodiment of the best opportunities, within software and hardware synthesizers.

deal - 43% off14 Mar - April 4, 2017

SONiVOX Anatomy Sale (Exclusive)

Anatomy offers up over eight-hundred of some of the most unique and uniquely playable instruments that twist and transform the human body into one expansive collection of physiological melody and rhythm. Save 43% off exclusively at Plugin Boutique.

deal - 50% off28 Mar - April 4, 2017

ReCompose Liquid Notes For Live Spring Sale (Exclusive)

Liquid Notes for Live is a songwriting assistant tool for editing complex harmonic progressions. It offers a controllable range of alternatives for chords and harmonies in singletrack or multitrack MIDI arrangements and makes the theory of harmony fully accessible to you.