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Delay by Stagecraft

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Why a Delay?

Delay effects are the cornerstone of so much modern music. Combining a simple delay with a filter to control the band of each echo can yield rewarding results and soundscapes with significant depth. For the most part, however, the Delays out there are not made with the modern electronica musician in mind. Here we aim to change that.

The Spectrum

Most delay plugins are designed to look like hardware – a bunch of knobs and some switches. While that is fine for studio work, and old school producers, it is out of step with the modern producer or performer. That’s why we have included high resolution FFT spectrum displays on this plugin. You can literally how you are effecting the music, allowing for better use of the effect.

Beat Quantization

The inclusion of a deep quantization system that works in real time is key to creating a delay effect that will work in a live environment. By right clicking on the delay time parameter, you can change the allowable quantizations of the measure. Setting the first and second delays to different times you can literally have the delay play a beat.

Filter Sweeps

Finally, we’ve added a couple filters which can be swept at the touch of a button. A filter sweep is one of the most common effects used in EDM production, and here we make it intuitive, simple, and visible. You can use this to strip away the beat and hear o


  • Dual band delay
  • Auto-filter on each line for quantized filter sweeps
  • Quantizable delay time
  • Pan, feedback
  • Response, or sweep down and have the bass beats come rushing back in.
  • Full automation for all parameters (you can apply LFOs to any/all parameters)
  • Preset Sharing (saved presets can now be shared with other users of the plugin)
  • Added separate wet/dry parameters, for greater control

System Requirements:

Mac ­OS X:

  • 10.7 or newer
  • AAX now available


  • ­Windows 7 or newer
  • AAX now available

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