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Smokers Unite

Sample Packs by RawCutz

Computer music
"The sound and vibe of 'golden era' hip-hop has been captured to a T, with a broad range of 'real' instrumentation covered; and we love the attitude and spirit of both collections."
Computer Music Magazine. The world’s best selling magazine dedicated to making great music with your Mac or PC.
Anile by chelone wolf low res 7 120x120
"I have every Rawcutz pack there is to date and each time i'm never disappointed! Pure Organic, textual sounds perfect for any production. Love Love Love!!"
Anile. After releasing music with iconic underground labels - Renegade Hardware, Hospital Records, Med School, Innerground and CIA to name a few, it’s clear Anile’s unique sound is in high demand.
"Another absolutely killer assortment of vibe-encrusted goodness from Rawcutz. These samples are embedded with rustic warmth/history/texture and are the antidote to clinically clean sound packs."
Bassbin Twins. Bassbin Twins, aka Pete Houser, has been releasing records since the first wave of Breaks music in the 1990's.

Raw Cutz have rolled another fat one! -  this time taking inspiration from some of the classics in our vaults – Smokers Delight, Smokers Relight and Premier Beats

Smokers Unite melts Jazz Fuelled swing , Hip Hop attitude, and Funked out Atmospherics,  with a pinch of Ambient Soul which when left at room temperature for around 30 minutes will create the perfect Beat Recipe each and every time!

Incorporating Lo-Fi Vinyl Jazz chords, Cut up Keys, and Crunchy MPC style Drums and Percussion, Funky Basses, Jazz Guitars, Ambient FX and Slow Slung Breaks  - it’s a masterclass of Golden Era influenced Hip Hop and Funk that producers of Downtempo, Cinematic, Ambient and all Hybrid Experimentalisation will enjoy.

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Representing the true sound of the Nu School Old Skool beat-makers, sound manglers and sample addicts worldwide, Smokers Unite is bursting with flavour to bring to your productions every time.

We realised that to make this package complete we needed to add Turf Smoke into the deal – which features  crisp and cutting beats, Enchanting Pads, Smoky Vibes, Crunchy snares, Jazzy Chords andMusical Melodies grouped into 10 projects, with 30 inspirational kits of 16 fresh and original samples.

Turf Smoke Influences range from the heavy beats of Cypress Hill, with the jazzy instruments of Blue Note, Orbesque atmospherics and usky haunting melodies – all with the trademark Raw Cutz “pre-worn” sonic treatments.

If you are making Deep Golden era Hip Hop, House, Warped beats, Progressive Drum and Bass or Ambient music – you will find inspirational sounds within seconds in this fresh  sample pack, which was created by the original Raw Cutz producer - Turf Smoke - 

Raw Cutz brings the real sounds and samples from the past into the future with retro acoustic treatments, sonic pairing and tempo and key matching in order to present an immediate resource for demanding producers looking for an authentic inspirational experience – get Raw!

Our packs now feature full Native Instruments Maschine Kits, and Ableton Live Drum Racks – all mixed and mastered in a consistent structure that means you can switch out kits and samples easily to try out different sounds with your song ideas.

For anyone wanting Loops and one shots only, we included these too so you can start experimenting fast with the samples no matter what studio setup you have. Also included are ready to play sampler patches for Halion, Kontakt, NNxt, SFZ and EXs24 compatible soft samplers, as well as 16 Kong patches.

  • In detail, Smokers Unite includes over 800 samples in 24Bit, 44.1Khz, featuring 234 Loops in wav and apple loops format, 574 One Shot Samples, plus Rex2 files for all the loops.
  • The Maschine Pack includes 46 Kit Groups of 16 samples per Group, and 26 Projects – all mixed and including demo patterns and projects.
  • The Ableton Live Pack includes 42 Drum Racks, and 26 projects.
  • The 29 soft sampler patches include the 29 kits in a ready to play format, plus additional patches featuring the musical samples only.
  • After purchasing you will be able to download both Maschine and Ableton Live content.

Key Features:

  • 24 Bit Quality 
  • 2.66 GB worth of content 
  • Over 800 samples 
  • 234 Loops in wav and apple loops format 
  • 574 One Shot Samples 
  • 234 Rex2 files 
  • 16 Kong Kits
  • 29 soft sampler patches for EXS24, Halion, Kontakt, NNXT & SFZ 
  • 46 Kit Groups of 16 samples per Group, and 26 Projects for Maschine 2.2.3+ 
  • 42 Drum Racks, and 26 projects for Ableton Live 9+ 

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