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Plugin Boutique Staff Picks - Gareth

Denise are a collection of producers, coders and writers creating top-quality, powerful plugins. With Saturator, they introduce a plugin with an incredible range of saturation possibilities, from smooth tape-style saturation to extreme distortion. Streamlined in appearance and powerful in performance, Saturator boasts a number of features that give it an impressively versatile sound.

Best Feature

‘Transients’ Parameter

Where other saturation plugins tend to fall is their ability to handle the transients of the sound source. The saturation will often affect the entire sound and can result in destroyed transients. Saturator’s clever ‘Transients’ function allows you to set the amount of transients in your sound you wish to pass through the plugin unharmed. This feature is paramount to retaining a smooth, punchy sound when saturating and makes it unique in its approach to saturation.

Although lightweight in its appearance, don’t overlook this plugin, as it may just be the perfect tool for achieving the ideal saturated sound.

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