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Plugin Boutique Staff Picks - Alastair

Collectively, Audio Damage’s 16 years of software development experience helped them to produce the incredibly powerful granular synthesizer, Quanta. Boasting an array of sound design possibilities, the synth’s intuitive drag-and-drop process allows you to develop new, unique sounds from pre-existing samples with a level of control that sets it apart from other granular-based engines.

Best Feature

Flexible Envelope Generators

Quanta’s envelopes aren’t like normal envelopes. They work as 99-point looping function generators with optional host tempo sync, featuring additional points that can be added to the envelope’s signal path. This allows you to draw your own ADSR curves, giving you more flexibility to fine tune your sounds.

With a combination of a granular engine, additional oscillators and a powerful modulation section, Quanta is a unique synthesizer with an extraordinary ability to bring you fresh, inspirational musical ideas.

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