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Wavesfactory Spectre offers a fresh new take on enhancing your sound by combining the fundamental features of a parametric EQ with those of an enhancer. The EQ element allows you to develop warm lows, punchy mids and crisp highs by focusing on a specific frequency to which you can introduce harmonic content, resulting in a precise, coloured sound.

Best Feature

The Interface

Oftentimes, enhancing can be a cautious task as it is very easy to overcook a sound with too much harmonic distortion. Spectre is presented in a way that exudes professionality with a sharp, clean interface that makes it incredibly easy to visualize exactly how much harmonic content you are adding to your sound. Not to mention it is very nice to look at, which certainly comes in handy when you’re staring at a screen through those long mix sessions!

We often consume music through laptop and mobile phone speakers, where the intricacies of our sound can be lost without precise editing. Spectre is the perfect tool for bringing back elements of your mix that may be lost through these lo-fi speaker systems, resulting in a professional mix that translates across all speaker platforms. Learn more about how you can utilise Spectre for this in the video below.

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