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Antares Auto-Tune has been the world standard for professional pitch correction for twenty years. Now, with their new and improved Auto-Tune Pro, new features and possibilities give the plugin versatility that takes it to a whole new level.

Best Feature


Among the newly added features, ‘Auto-Key’ is a standout success. Delivered as a separate plugin, Auto-Key can be placed on your master track in your DAW to immediately detect the key and scale of your recording. This additional plugin features a ‘Send to Auto-Tune’ button that does exactly that – Auto-Tune Pro will be automatically synchronised with the detected key and scale. Because of this, Auto-Key is still useful even when you already know the key of your track as you can send the key and scale information to multiple instances of Auto-Tune Pro without having to edit each plugin’s settings manually.

Auto-Tune Pro does a fantastic job of bringing brand new features and a streamlined workflow to an industry standard pitch correction plugin, and with it’s additional Classic Mode, Auto-Tune Pro now gives every possibility to achieve the perfect vocal sound.

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