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As producers, we often spend hours flicking through different bass sounds to find that perfect hard-hitting sub-bass. Fully aware of this, Future Audio Workshop have developed SubLab, a new class of synthesizer designed for hip-hop, trap and electronic music producers to achieve the powerful punchy bass their track deserves.

Best Feature

X-Sub Engine

X-Sub is a unique psychoacoustic sub-bass oscillator. This means it is split into two sections: Sub - low frequency content below 65hz, and Main Bass - harmonic content between 65hz and 260hz. The harmonics can be controlled through an XY-style pad, altering the amount of harmonics and their volume. Where traditional sub-bass would only be audible on good speaker systems, X-Sub technology ensures that additional harmonics can make the characteristics of the sub-bass audible as high as 260hz, so they can be heard on laptop, phone and small device speakers where music is most commonly consumed.

SubLab is an impressive additional to the world of bass engines, featuring unique technology to ensure your track has powerful, professional low end, every time.

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