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Reverb is one of the most difficult elements of a mix to get right. Not enough and your mix will sound dry and lifeless. Too much and it can quickly get washed out and muddy. With thousands of reverbs on the market, each trying to do something unique, Comet manages to create an unbelievably smooth sound that very few others can achieve.

Best Feature

Glide Control

Polyverse Comet really comes to life when you start automating it's parameters. Using the 5 preset slots located at the bottom of the plugin window, you can morph between different reverb effects in real-time to create lush, evolving effects and textures. This, however, would be obsolete without the incredibly useful 'Glide' Control. With this parameter, we can set a DAW host-synced time to glide between the different presets, ensuring that our effect sounds smooth and natural. This is an excellent performance feature, as it ensures that I can freely automate my reverb sounds without the need for any fine-tuning between the different presets.


With Comet's texture creating capabilities and unique preset morphing functions, Polyverse have developed a beautiful reverb with features that you just don't get with other creative algorithmic reverbs, putting it head and shoulders above the rest.

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