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Plugin Boutique Staff Picks - Nicholas

Wavesfactory have introduced the next instalment in their line of useful & unique plugins. Cassette is a tape saturation & distortion plugin that emulates the retro, lo-fi sound of the vintage cassette era to bring the unique character and sonic imprint of cassette tapes to your productions.

Best Feature

Control & Scalability

Cassette is a completely versatile plugin because, although it comes with select settings and parameters to tweak, you also have the option to dive under the hood and edit the way the plugin behaves. Going into the settings menu allows you full control & scalability to alter the wow, flutter, crosstalk, amount of tape degradation and much more, which is ideal for the perfectionist producers who need a little more control over their sound.

Wavesfactory Cassette is an excellent choice for cassette tape emulation, with the adjustable saturation and additional editability giving Cassette the unprecedented sound quality that we have come to expect from Wavesfactory releases.

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