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Sugar Bytes Wow 2 Review At Ask Audio Mag

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Sporting a rather radical interface and an impressive set of features, WOW2 by Sugar Bytes is a filter fx plugin that intrigued us immediately! Mo Volans investigates it further in this review.

Sugar Bytes are one of those companies that always manage to turn out something a little left of center. Ever since they released their excellent Effectrix plug-in, I’ve invariably paid close attention to their press releases. When WOW2 hit my inbox, I knew it was something I should check out.?

Although WOW2 is essentially just a filter plug-in, its interface alone is enough to stop you in your tracks. Let’s take a look at its feature set and see if it offers something over the other filters in your collection.

WOW2 sounds great, there is no doubt about it. Personally, I tend to opt for pretty straightforward filter plug-ins when I need a lowpass or highpass, but if you need something a little more complex with a richer feature set, then WOW2 could be the perfect candidate. 

It offers almost synth like features and modulation options within a very compact format. The presets are an excellent way to showcase what WOW2 is capable of and is probably a good place to start when loading it up for the first time.  

If you are in the market for a cutting edge filter to use in more extreme sound design or full on electronic tracks, this will probably be ideal. WOW2 is certainly one of the most creative and interesting filter plug-ins I’ve tested so far. 


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