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D16 Group Sigmund Review at MusicTech

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Delay plug-in effects can be divided into two extremes. The first is the super-simple delay that offers delay time, feedback control and maybe a modulation control to colour the sound of the delay over time. Then you have the all-bells-and-whistles delay processors that have more than these basics, providing many other effects offered by other plug-ins you may also own. Sigmund definitely offers the latter as it includes four seperate delay lines, M/S processing, distortion, filtering, limiting, tremolo, and various other sound-shaping tools.

Sigmund is quite a beast to get to grips with, and although its architecture is quite complex, the various routing options available are graphically represented through signal block diagrams. This includes switching the pre-delay filter to being pre- or post-distortion for example. The Delay like routing is also interesting and offers many combinations to choose from.

Verdict - 9/10


A sonically interesting delay machine with many different potential applications for mixing and sound design. 


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