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DopeSONIX Beat Machine Review at Produccion Hip Hop Blog

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I recently discovered a new piece for my team of musical production that combines the best of Sound Libraries and immediacy of virtual instruments and, curiously, specializes in this type of Drums. Do not let its name fool you unoriginal it hides inside her pure Hip Hop Boom Bap 90's , characterized by crisp, dusty Beats.
Discover the Virtual Instrument I discovered by chance and that, surely, eventually leaving the Drums I will use in my Beat for 'back2classics' and future joints.


It is a Virtual Instrument in VST and AU formats you can use on any platform that accepts these formats as FL Studio, Maschine, Logic or Cubase and specializes in offering a ton of classic and crisp Drums in the purest wave Boom Bap of We're both talking lately due to new Beat Tape 'back2classics' Blog.

Contains a total of 500 compounds Drum Kits 4 beeps each (Kick, Snare, HiHat and Miscellaneous) you can mix individually and directly through its graphical interface that also allows you to control the Reverb, Volume and Pitch global each Kit

It also includes 50 MIDI patterns that will fable if you're starting to schedule your rhythms and, above all, will allow you to learn Based on them.

A good point in your favor is to include versions with four independent outputs of each Drum Kit can choose to treat each sound on its own channel of your DAW mixer. What attracts me is the traditional approach to this option is a bonus and not the default choice, which leads me immediately to the feeling of classic rhythm boxes with their unique internal Mixer and Stereo Output.

Each Drum Kit is labeled with the name of a known Producer, which allows you to very quickly identify each wave Kit This may seem silly but, comparing Drums libraries as 'Boom Bap Legends' in accounts that do not this identification, seems a 'Time Saver' without price . Besides these identifying names are a hoot that will get you a smile ... but better look at the video to know what I mean;)


Discover 'Beat Machine' by chance and, being the first VST Instrument a new company, I had no reference on what quality level and expect the first thing I did was visit their website at Soundcloud to get an idea and, oh man I got so horny I contacted soon with Dope VST to make me a copy and perform this Review cross.

The production quality is very high and I have completely fallen in love many HiHats sounding Dirt, Vinyl and Glitches. Sounds ready to use on your machine (as is the professional trend in recent years) very well equalized and compressed in Golden Era Hip Hop wave, with the point stuck just becomes not impact the ostia of the Drums current productions.

Take a look at Video Review and if you want to hear in the context of a complete production, listen the next 5 Beats Dope demo created by VST.


Of course people DopeVST knows what it's doing in terms of classic Hip Hop sound is concerned. 'Beat Machine' sounds fabulous, and includes much good, uses very few computer resources and the option to add expansions with new sounds in the future is a wise move.

Right now I am in full production of my Instrumental for 'back2classics' and there is a 95% chance that this leave Drums Virtual Instrument. I like their sound and is very easy to use although you rest r points in the economic section because, given the level of competition that exists in classical Drums, I think if the price was lower would be perfect. Finally I give him an overall score of 4.5 out of 5 .

Produccion Hip Hop Rating

General - 4.5 / 5 stars

Sound - 5/5 stars

Price - 3/5 Stars

Ease of use - 5/5 stars

Original Source - Produccion Hip Hop

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