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Acon Digital Verberate review at Music Radar

Most reverb plugins today fall into one of two categories: convolution reverbs using impulse response samples to reproduce models of the real-world spaces in which they were recorded; and algorithmic reverbs, which emulate spatial environments by conjuring them out of thin air using nothing but code.

In general, convolution reverbs are the more realistic of the two, but algorithmic reverbs are often preferred for their larger-than-life sounds and focus on sonic quality rather than realism.


  • Easy to use.
  • Light on system resource usage.
  • Very dense reverb tails.
  • Lifelike early reflections.
  • As realistic as a convolution reverb.


  • Not the best vocal reverb.
  • Not so good at bright and airy spaces.

Rating: 4/5


An algorithmic reverb that really does sound as realistic as a convolution reverb! Could this be the start of a revolution?

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