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MusicRadar Review: D16 Group Drumazon

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Roland's TR-909 drum machine has long been hailed as a classic, but should its sounds be part of a computer musician's arsenal?

Though it's true that dozens of software instruments are based on classic bits of music technology hardware, there are some curious omissions from the lineup.

While there are more Roland TB-303 Bassline clones out there than you can shake an acid-covered stick at, TR-808 and 909 emulations are noticeable by their absence. Not since the venerable ReBirth RB-338 have we seen a developer attempt to recreate those much-loved drum machines.

Pros - Sounds superb. Quick to use. Flexible sequencer modes. Enhanced sound control. Great shuffle and flam. Can save patterns and sounds separately.

Cons - Limited when compared to the likes of Guru.

Verdict - It's like a 909… but better. Critics could reasonably argue that such emulations are retrogressive, but the fact is that Drumazon sounds authentic and is tremendous fun.

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