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SOR Revolution - Virus C/TI Vol.1

Synth Presets by Resonance Sound

128 brand new fresh professional Sounds to rock the clubs !

Contains: exxxtreme fat powerful trance & techno leads, crazy dark effects, strange morphing arpeggios, dreamy trance pads, complete bassline grooves and floor filling up to date Basses (those without attack !!!) Trendy, powerful, banging sounds full of energy.....of course without any boring brass/piano/flute patches!

Extensively using the great variety of modulation possibilities & the new functions like EQ / Bitreducer and Rectifier ...

EVERY sound changes by movement of the Modwheel, Aftertouch & the Softknobs - sometimes really extremely ;-)

This Set is the perfect complement to our other Virus sets. It´s like e a drug - get addicted!


  • 128 Virus C Ti Presets.
  • Suitable for Electro, House & Trance


  • Access Virus C / TI