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Vintage Voice Bundle

Expansion Packs by Cherry Audio

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Important Note: Voltage Modular is required in order to use this product.

Vintage Voice comes fully loaded with SynthVoice, SynthVoice Filter, DCO-60, VCF-60, and Chorus-60 modules.

SynthVoice is a complete semi-modular vintage synthesizer, featuring two oscillators, a multi-mode filter, an LFO, dual envelope generators, sample and hold, and spring reverb. It's like having a classic ARP 2600 synthesizer in your modular rack.

SynthVoice Filter delivers the ballsy, pure analog tonality of the ARP 2600 vintage synthesizer. It features lowpass and highpass modes, with selectable 12 or 24 db/oct slopes.

DCO-60 models every element of the beloved classic Juno-106 synthesizer, from its self-oscillating filter to its dreamy chorus effect, all combined in a fully-polyphonic module, loaded with patch points, that has to be heard to be believed. Cherry Audio have even recreated the entire "A" bank of original factory presets.

VCF-60 is a separate module containing the highpass and lowpass filters from the DCO-60 vintage synthesizer module. With independently patchable sections and a self-resonating lowpass section, it's the perfect replication of the classic 80's Juno synth sound.

Chorus-60 is an expanded version of the DCO-60 chorus section and precisely replicates the giant, lush stereo spread of classic Roland Juno synthesizers. It adds stereo spread and wet/dry mix controls for added flexibility.

Also included in this bundle are a selection of presets designed to explore the raw power of the SynthVoice module, and the beautiful elegance of the DCO-60 module. Note: These presets are designed to work with modules from the Voltage Modular Core package.

System Requirements

Voltage Modular is cross-platform for Windows and OSX in AU, VST, VST3, and Pro Tools AAX formats, and also runs standalone on both platforms. User patches and cabinets are freely exchangeable across platforms.


  • OS X 10.9 or above
  • 64-bit required
  • Quad-core computer with 8GB of RAM recommended


  • Windows 7 or above
  • 64-bit required
  • Quad-core computer with 8GB of RAM recommended

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