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Delay by Imaginando

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"Deceptively simple-looking, DLYM is an impressively versatile modulation tool."
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DLYM - Delay Modulator

Free chorus and flanger VST/AU effect plugin

Powerful analog emulation of flanger and chorus effects, DLYM is a ‘Delay Modulator’ plugin designed to help you add ‘character’ to your sounds, from the subtle to the severe!

An expansion of the chorus effect from the synthesizer DRC, DLYM is a free VST/AU plugin, which opens up the world of lush effects processing to all your instruments. The built¬in patch manager comes loaded with over 20 examples to get you started.


  • 2 processing modes - ‘Analog emulation’ and ‘Dimension style’.
  • 6 time syncable modulation waveforms - Sine, Square, Saw, Triangle, Sample & Hold and Filtered Sample & Hold.
  • Adjustable stereo spread.
  • Crossover/cutoff to control frequency range of the effect. (To keep your mix punchy!)
  • Built-in preset/patch manager.

System requirements


  • Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
  • Compatible 64 bit host DAW which supports either VST or AU plugin format
  • Minimum of 128 Mb of free disk space to install.


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Compatible 32 bit or 64 bit host DAW which supports VST plugin format
  • Minimum of 128 Mb of free disk space to install.

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