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Stereo Width by Leapwing Audio

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Bob katz pluginboutique
"I just worked a miracle with the new Leapwing Audio CenterOne plugin."
. Grammy-winning mastering engineer (Dizzy Gillespie, Paquito D'Rivera).
Joe chiccarelli 120x120 pluginboutique
"CenterOne is perfect for widening a congested and mono synth pad."
. Grammy-winning producer & engineer (White Stripes, U2, Beck, The Strokes).
Ronald prent pluginboutique
"Finally there now is the primal tool to add or subtract center information in a stereo signal."
. Recording and mixing engineer (Simple Minds, The Scorpions, Manowar).

Adjust your phantom center signal without changing the panorama or spectral characteristics.

Feel like the vocal is just a tiny bit too loud, but don’t want to change any of the stereo spread. CenterOne allows you to bring the phantom center in a stereo signal forward or backward without changing positions of any panned signals.

  • Phantom Center Manipulation: Bring the phantom center signal in a stereo stream forward or push it back by up to 9dB without changing any of the panorama
  • Extract Left-Center-Right: Convert a stereo signal into an LCR stem in a unique bit-identical way
  • Simple yet Beautiful Design: Beautiful Retina interface with unique design, focused on the optimal workflow
  • Extremely Good Filters: The highest quality audio processing algorithms available


Center Prominence

Feel like the vocal is just a tiny bit too loud, but don’t want to change any of the stereo spread. CenterOne allows you to bring the phantom center of a stereo signal forward or backward without changing any of the panned signals.

Extract Center Channel from A Stereo Source

CenterOne also gives you LCR plugin outputs so you can decide to put an effect on just the center extracted channel. Mixing LCR back together gives you a bit-identical copy of the original signal.

No MS-Technique

CenterOne’s “Center Prominence” algorithm analyses the precise location of the sound sources in the stereo signal for a careful processing of each bit of your audio, respectful of the original location of the sources. The alternative MS-technique that attempts to change the level of the M part of the signal, fails to achieve a good performance due to the inherent drawback of the lateral sources leaking into the M part of the signal split.

System Requirements


  • Mac OSX (10.9 +)


  • Windows 8, 10 (64-bit only)


  • AAX-Native
  • VST
  • VST3
  • AU

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