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"I have adopted the K system into my mixes for some time now and it vastly improves dynamics and clarity in digital land! I only hope the rest of the industry gets onboard!
. Musician - Namatoke.
Tomthird cst
"I purchased your K-Meter beta, and I love it. I've tried every metering plug available, and I love yours the best. Great graphics, readability, ballistics, etc. All so well done. Thanks!"
. Composer | Music Department | Soundtrack - Tom Third has scored over 200 hours of film and television. He has garnered four nominations for the Gemini award, winning in both 2010 and 2014.
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" is possible to create audio material which appears completely normal on quasi-peak meters yet sounds extremely loud...."
. The world's biggest and best audio recording & production magazine.

"I purchased your K-Meter beta, and I love it. I've tried every metering plug available, and I love yours the best. Great graphics, readability, ballistics, etc. All so well done. Thanks! - Tom Third (

"This is the meter to use if you are serious about the K-System. It is accurate, easy to read, and contains tools for calibration. In addition, the interface is neat and collapses well if necessary. - Dr. Heinrich Hohl

"Just shouting out a big THANK YOU!!! for the K-Meter plugin - I have been looking for a dedicated meter to use with Logic without having to instigate 3 or more different plugins to monitor using the K-System. I have adopted the K-System into my mixes or some time now and it vastly improves dynamics and clarity in digital land! I only hope the rest of the industry gets onboard! People would not be arguing ITB vs OTB Mixing if they all used your plugin! - Timothy Kling (

Is Louder Music Better?

The loudness war says yes. What do you say?

Over the past twenty years, music has been getting louder and louder. New recording equipment and software have made it possible to produce extremely compressed audio. But is this really what listeners want? K-Meter offers an alternative by encouraging greater use of dynamic range. If you want your tunes to sound more open, nuanced and natural, this fully-compliant K-System meter is for you.

K-System Metering

What is it?

It's a way of metering pioneered by Bob Katz, mastering engineer and grammy award winner. With the K-System, maximizing peak levels is no longer the goal; instead, your focus shifts to loudness metering and dynamic range.

The K-System has three scales: K-12, K-14 and K-20. You choose which scale to use based on genre and delivery format. K-12 is for broadcast and radio. K-14 is for mainstream pop, rock and country. K-20 is for film, classical and high-fidelity recordings. From K-12 to K-20, the scales provide an increasing amount of dynamic range.

Calibration Tools

Use pink noise to calibrate your monitors.

K-Meter helps you calibrate your studio monitors by outputting pink noise through each channel. You can use a 3rd party sound pressure meter to ensure proper levels (see the manual for details). Calibrating your monitors makes mixing/mastering by ear even more effective.

Modern Loudness Metering

Perceived loudness with ITU BS.1770.

K-Meter supports loudness metering using ITU BS.1770 (stereo only). This is quickly becoming the international standard for measuring perceived loudness, which takes into account the ear's sensitivity to different frequencies. Our users love that this powerful feature allows them to take basic loudness measurements at a fraction of the cost of more expensive loudness meters.

True-Peak Metering

What are inter-sample peaks?

In the K-System, peak metering is no longer the focus; however, it is still important to avoid clipping. K-Meter supports true-peak metering, which upsamples your audio up to four times before detecting peaks. This highly accurate detection discovers clipping that other peak meters miss.


  • Full K-System support
  • ITU BS.1770 stereo loudness metering
  • True-peak metering
  • AES-17 RMS metering
  • Pink noise generation
  • Numeric average and peak displays
  • Clip indicators
  • Peak hold/release
  • Collapsible interface

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X v10.7 or greater
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • AAX, Audio Unit, or VST 2.4 compatible DAW


  • K-Meter comes in three versions on the Mac: an AAX plug-in for Pro Tools (10.3.7+), an Audio Unit and a VST 2.4 plug-in. All plug-ins are 32/64-bit universal binaries.
  • K-Meter is available as a 32/64-bit AAX plug-in for Pro Tools (10.3.7+) and a VST 2.4 plug-in on Windows.

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