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Audio Effects for the End Times

Freakshow Industries is an independent audio effects company, formed by professionally synchronized nervous breakdowns, working in the service of manufacturing troubled nonsense. They are creators of these subversive and ridiculous audio production effects built for sound designers and experimental music producers.

Freakshow Industries have no intention of making safe and traditional, baby-food smooth, color-by-numbers effects. They mean to dissolve the demons of creative stagnation, opening portals to new and unique sound with exceedingly affordable audio products. Get their entire collection now.

Backmask is a chaotic reverser plugin inspired by a nostalgia for the sunny days of demon cult hysteria. Back when shadows were lurking around every corner, under every object, infecting the precious youth with subliminal brainwashing signals. Simpler times.

Backmask uses government approved paradox processing technologies to expose these hidden terrors of music. Uncover the plots of ghosts, aliens and other rogue entities with Freakshow Industries Backmask.


Backmask reverses discrete sections of audio based on various triggers.

  • Trigger reversing by millisecond, DAW synced musical value, or input level.
  • Reverse audio at all, alternating or random triggers.
  • Set the length of reversed segments
  • Stuck mode, there is one.
  • Use grotesque amounts of latency to reverse the future with Time Align Mode. 
  • Zero latency by default.
  • Kills 99.9% of brain cells

Learn more about and download the trial version of BACKMASK.

Dumpster Fire is what its name sounds like, a preventable tragedy of arbitrary pitch rotation. Featuring the latest in anti-utility advancements, it is not meaningful or intuitive. This information will not help you.

Strike the eldritch match of transformation with Freakshow Industries, Dumpster Fire


This sentence could say literally anything and it wouldn't matter or be completely true.  Here is a list to please the hungry:

  • Rotate the pitches. Hear them spill to all the wrong places. Pretend to understand the method and outcome
  • Set an unreasonable and arbitrary number of bands in the least helpful way possible
  • Use Aether to generate unspeakable hellscapes with discrete control of amount, pitch spread and time spread
  • Understand none of this, it doesn't matter.
  • Please stop reading.

Learn more about and download the trial version of DUMPSTER FIRE.

MISHBY, little tape machine that couldn't. Twisted by forbidden science. Manipulated by the parasitic consciousness of a long-forgotten terror. It is a tape emulation disaster inspired by cheap cassette decks that nobody cared about, from companies that no longer exist.

Dare to explore its desynchronizing analogue sections, glitching digital schemes, "cassette" "tape" "emulation", whatever a "self-care" control is, at least one actual ghost and that's just the start.


MISHBY uses industry-participating vaporware technology in conjunction with the latest advancements in anti-user interface design to present the final face of analogue vs digital destruction.

  • Cheap cassette quality, noise, soft and harsh distortions
  • Multi-band phase-desynced tape wow
  • Self-Care
  • Broken and destructive digital decode
  • Band focused glitch with length and reset probability.
  • Inspirational quotes and general life advice.

Learn more about and download the trial version of MISHBY.

System Requirements

Format (64 bit only):

  • AAX
  • VST
  • VST 3
  • AU

Operating System:

  • Mac OS 10.10.5+ (Catalina supported)
  • Windows 7+


  • Pro Tools 11+
  • Logic Pro X
  • Live 9+
  • Cubase 9+
  • Studio One 3+
  • Reaper 5+
  • FL Studio 12+

Important Notes:

  • In Pro Tools, Backmask's time align mode exceeds the maximum delay compensation limit.
  • These product formats are 64-bit only and will not function on 32-bit systems.

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