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B-Line 303

Synth by SonicXTC

Free Product

New freeware monophonic dual oscillator bass line synthesizer, B-Line 303 (version 3.0), captures the vibe and sound of classic EDM and Acid techno music synthesizers from the 70’s and 80’s. B-Line 303 includes our new synth engine and gives producers new unique abilities to shape their sounds.

New in Version 3 is the Pattern Control Filter (PCF) that adds iconic Acid style tweaks to the sound. The PCF allows any midi pattern to be manipulated into an almost infinite pallet of Acid goodness. B-Line 303 now has our own groove sequencer as an alternative method of old school sound generation along with standard midi. B-Line 303 now comes with 50 designer presets to get you started but has room for up to 200 presets. In order to create the entire Acid bass sound experience, B-Line 303 comes equipped with our improved Stereo Doppler Chorus effect and a Stereo Echo effect.


  • 200 user presets, 50 custom presets
  • Midi automation
  • Pattern Control Filter
  • Groove Sequencer
  • Doppler Chorus, Stereo Echo effect
  • VST 2.4 effect!

One secret to obtaining classic Acid sound is the ability to tweak parameters in a rhythmic fashion in order to gain optimum expressiveness.  The included Pattern Control Filter (PCF) allows the user to create amazing unique patterns to control the different filters included in B-Line 303.

Imagine recording a simple midi bass line in your digital audio workstation (DAW) of choice. With the B-Line 303 internal  PCF unit, you can transform that single simple bass line into an almost endless number of new and unique Acid riffs by just drawing in your own PCF patterns. With midi automation, you can easily combine your PCF tweaks with all the other B-Line 303 sound sculpting tools to maximize your creativity. With the new Groove Sequencer included in version 3, B-Line 303 is a solid weapon for the creation of Acid and other classic EDM styles.

While B-Line 303 does not sound exactly like the old classics (or new analog classics) it has a vibe all of its own that is fun and inspirational to play.

B-Line 303 is a two oscillator synthesizer at its core. It includes over 40 plus wave shapes to help sculpt B-Line 303's sound. The advantage of having two oscillators is the fact that B-Line 303 now has a broader spectrum of sound creation possibilities under the hood. Unison and De-tune effects are now possible and B-Line 303 can generate some nasty growls and howls due to the built in Drive unit and self oscillating Filters.

B-Line 303 also contains our Stereo Doppler effect that is also available on freeware Deep Step-606 and freeware Deep Mono! Imagine standing on a street corner when an ambulance is approaching  with a siren sounding. As the ambulance approaches you will notice the pitch of the siren going up. After the ambulance passes by you will notice the siren sound drop in pitch. This is a simple example of the "Doppler" effect. Our Stereo Doppler effect is a resonant chorus combined with a subtle pitch shifter.

To complete that Acid techno experience, B-Line 303 also includes our Stereo Delay Module. We routed this delay module to make the sound bounce around in very interesting ways. Please understand that this delay is designed specifically for dance music as the delays are always in musical time (double time or in triplets).

System Requirements

  • PC VST
  • 32 bit

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