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Legacy Drums

Kontakt Instrument by Wavesfactory

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Legacy Drums is the modern and updated version of 3 of the all-time best-selling libraries at Wavesfactory: Tea Towel Drums, Classic Rock Drums and Brush Drums. We wanted to release these libraries in a new and improved form, retaining the sound they’re famous for and introducing new GUIs and premium features in order to make them even better. We think that this is a unique drum collection that will inspire you.

Important note: This software requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or above and will only run in DEMO mode when used in the FREE Kontakt Player engine.

3 Drum Kits

  • All-time best-selling sample libraries coming to you in a new form
  • Tea Towel Drums, Classic Rock Drums and Brush Drums redefined
  • Drum collection with advanced features bringing endless sonic possibilities
  • The sound of the 60s, 70s and all-time jazz standards at you fingertips

Tea Towel

Features a vintage Ludwig drum kit with tea towels placed on snare and tom heads in order to damp the resonance. This technique was widely used by The Beatles in their late recordings (see Abbey Road) and it’s been the trademark sound of that golden era.

Classic Rock

Features a Ludwig Vistalite drum kit inspired by the 70s rock bands. This is the kit used live by Led Zeppelin. It sounds open, deep and powerful, perfect to be used in rock tracks.


Features a standard Yamaha drum kit played with brushes. This type of mallet is often used in jazz or blues music, but also in other genres such as rock, country and pop.

Legacy Drums comes with a total of 77 presets with a wide variety of styles, including sound design. It works with the full version of Kontakt and you get 3 libraries for the price of 1.

We’re so happy to have these beauties back!

The Main Interface

A beautiful and powerful interface, a mixture of 3D and flat design

  • From the mixer you can control the different mics separately with the usual parameters that you’d normally find on an audio mixer, with the particularity that the samples feature the full bleeding of each mic, resulting in a much more natural and real mixing experience.
  • In the effects page, you can add 23 DSP effects to each channel in any order you want. From an SSL style compressor and EQ to a Transient Shaper and a convolution engine with more than 30 custom impulse responses.
  • From the settings panel, you can control the way the library responds to the incoming midi messages. Round robin repetitions, velocity curve and advanced mapping controls with custom presets based on the most-known drum engines in the market.


  • Mic Positions: Up to 10
  • Round Robin: 6
  • Velocity Layers: 6
  • Samples: 15,972
  • Size: 7.98 GB
  • Size Compressed (NCW): 3.69 GB
  • Presets: 77

System Requirements

Important notes: 

  • The FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5.2 or above is required to run this software.
  • This software will not function in full within the FREE Kontakt Player engine and will only be available in DEMO mode.

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