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32-bit / 64-bit

Traditional Brazilian Percussion

Sample Packs by Organic Loops

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"If you need some percussion then this is the pack to get."
. “Jamie Anderson first made his name internationally in the early 90's and quickly became a recognised pioneer of the UK Tech-House scene.
"Strong and hefty collection of well recorded percussion instruments."
. M. J. Cole is an English DJ, record producer and remixer.

Loopmasters proudly present Traditional Brazilian Percussion – a masterful collection of percussion samples; South American style! These stunning percussion sounds are provided 100% royalty free for your productions and will bring the buzzing vibes of Latin America to your music immediately! Vamos embora!

Welcome to the authentic sounds of Deep Brazil with a hotbed of percussion instruments including Surdos, Agogos, Apitos, Caixas, Ganzas, Pandeiros, Rebolos, Reco Reco, Repenique, Repique, Rocar, Tan Tan, Tamborine, Shekere, Snares, Timbao, Berimbau, Chocalho, Conga, Cuicas, Coco, Caxixi, Zabumbas, Triangles, Alfaia, Bells, Abe, Atabaque, Le, Rum, Rumpi and more!

Traditional Brazilian Percussion brings you a treasure trove of high quality ethnic percussion samples to create authentic natural rhythms and bring out the details of your track. Over 500 samples make up the pack with 321 loops and over 200 single hits to enrich your drum track! Loops make up 13 layered construction kits which have been dissected into component parts to mix and match your perfect rhythm.

Loops are provided at tempos between 60-150BPM covering a world of musical tastes and possibilities – and suitable for HipHop, House, Ambient, Downtempo, Breaks, Techno and more! 346 Rex2 Loops and 26 Samper patches for your favourite daw offer more expressive capabilities, and a new angle on these unique samples.

In detail expect to find 1.04Gb of content with 522 individual 24 Bit wav files. 321 Loops are included with 15 Agogo Loops, 12 Alfaia Loops, 5 Ganza Loops, 52 Surdo Loops, 4 Rebolo Loops, 1 Reco Loop, 43 Repenique Loops, 9 Zambumba Loops, 2 Tan Tan Loops, 10 Atabaque Loops, 2 Cuica Loops, 4 Caxixi Loops, 6 Shekere Loops, 27 Rum Loops, 1 Afoxe Loop, 4 Rumpi Loops, 13 Timbao Loops, 1 Reco Loop, 1 Rocar Loop and 6 Abe Loops. 201 One hits include 19 Afoxe, 16 Afro Hits, 27 Batucada, 16 Capoeira Fast, 16 Capoeira Slow, 12 Duro, 8 Frevo, 11 Maracatu, 26 Roda, 13 Samba Merengue, 11 Samba Reggae, 11 Xadado Baiao and 15 Xote Hits. 346 Rex2 Loops and  26 sampler patches for NNXT, Halion, Sfz, Kontakt and Exs24 are also included.


  • 1.04 GB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 52 Surdo Loops
  • 43 Repenique Loops
  • 38 Snare Loops
  • 27 Rumbi Loops
  • 18 Berimbau Loops
  • 15 Agogo Loops
  • 13 Pandeiro Loops
  • 13 Timbao Loops
  • 12 Alfaia Loops
  • 10 Atabaque Loops
  • 9 Tambourim Loops
  • 9 Zabumba Loops
  • 8 Apito Whistle Loops
  • 7 Misc Perc Loops
  • 6 Abe Loops
  • 6 Shekere Loops
  • 5 Ganza Loops
  • 4 Triangle Loops
  • 4 Rebolo Loops
  • 4 Cazixi Loops
  • 3 Caixa Loops
  • 3 Coco Loops
  • 3 Bell Loops
  • 2 Tan atn Loops
  • 2 Cuica Loops
  • 13 Pre Made Percussion Kits
  • 201 Percussion Hits
  • 346 Rex2 Files
  • 26 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 13 Kong

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