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Cassette Mallets.01 - Multi-Format Bundle


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The Idea & Process

Cassette Mallets.01 is a collection of 3 bell / mallet instruments recorded on a cassette with an old & wonky recorder. Every instrument from this library is a mixture of physical modeling & fm synthesis with a range of E2 to E6 and 3 velocity layers which were designed from the ground-up for good playability range.

The GUI is very simple, yet useful and almost synth-like, so it’s very easy and fun to work with. Every instrument has editable “sample start” parameter (controlled with the GUI or Mod Wheel), so you could easily get rid of the initial transients while designing your sound. Moreover, because of the fact that this kind of instruments sounds great when transposed down there’s an “-12” switch added to the GUI which transposes every instrument down by octave.

Every note has been carefully denoised with a high quality algorithm to avoid noise stacking when playing more than one note. Noise can still be added with the noise slider - it’s much more flexible this way and allows the ability to adjust the volume of the noise independently whilst also applying parameters such as filtering. It also creates a more realistic sound, so when playing a five voice chord, only one sample of noise instead of five stacked on top of each other will be heard.

Useful & Fun Production Tool:

  • If you like vintage sounds and you're looking for something to enhance your production toolbox, then this product will be for you.

Simple, One Page Interface:

  • Everything is laid out on one page allowing fast sound design possibilities.

Simulated Round Robin:

  • Makes notes sound realistic when played ostinato (even when playing fast) - check out the introduction video to hear it in action.

Variety of Sounds:

  • With this instrument you can easily create some weird sounds and there are already 31 presets included to get you started.

Main Features:

  • Available in multiple popular formats: Kontakt 5, Ableton Live 9, Logic, SFZ & Multiformat
  • 511 MB of samples (442 samples in total)
  • 3 instruments
  • 1 noise sample
  • 3 velocity layers
  • 49 keys range
  • Organic sound with lots of little imperfections

Format Specific Features:

Cassette Mallets.01 for Kontakt


  • 31 presets
  • One-page interface for easy and fast sound design

Learn more about Cassette Mallets.01 for Kontakt.

Cassette Mallets.01 for Ableton


  • 31 Instrument Racks (presets) with mapped macros
  • Custom Effect Racks

Learn more about Cassette Mallets.01 for Ableton.

Cassette Mallets.01 for Logic


  • 15 basic presets (normal, reverse 100%, reverse 75%, reverse 50% & reverse 25% for each sound)

Learn more about Cassette Mallets.01 for Logic.

Cassette Mallets.01 for SFZ Player


  • Compatible with any SFZ player, for example: Plogue Sforzando
  • 3 basic presets

Learn more about Cassette Mallets.01 for SFZ Player.

System Requirements

  • Full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 (or higher) required - (not compatible with Kontakt Player).
  • Full version of Live 9.7 (or higher) required.
  • Full version of Logic 9.1.8 (or higher) required.
  • Any compatible SFZ player, such as Plogue Sforzando is required to run this software.

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