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Synth by Remigio Coco

Free Product

Heliox is a rather simple experimental synthesizer, with a "no-frills" GUI, capable of "weird" textures and noises, as well as "normal" synth sounds, like pads, leads and basses. 


  • Monophonic, with 30 oscillators bank.
  • Adjustable oscillators' frequencies, ranging from single frequency to harmonic and non-harmonic series.
  • Oscillators can be purely sinusoidal, or "shaped" by an adjustable parameter.
  • Adjustable attenuation factor between successive oscillators.
  • 30 LFOs, each modulating amplitude of corresponding oscillator.
  • Adjustable LFOs' frequencies, similarly to oscillators.
  • LFOs can be purely sinusoidal ("bell-like") or "shaped" by 2 adjustable parameters: center and sharpness.
  • Phase shift between successive LFOs is adjustable.
  • LFOs can be periodic or randomly intermittent, with adjustable "density".
  • ADSR envelope.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP and later
  • Recommended at least 1G RAM