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InstaChord & Expansions

Music Theory Tools by W.A Production

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"The plugin is great for a starting point, to get your creative workflow to kick in right away. A must-have in every arsenal!"
. As an Artist/Producer from Thailand, 22Bullets has released music through Spinin' Records, Musical Freedom, Revealed, Warner Music, and Panda Funk.
"InstaChord is awesome! It offers intuitive design and a great workflow. It is a must have plugin for anyone who is looking for all-in-one MIDI processing."
. Artist/Producer who has remixed records for Dimitri Vegas, Guru Josh, Erick Morillo, Stromae, DJ Antoine and more.
"A really nice piece of software. I mainly enjoy the "Picking Keys" sections, where you can make your chord progressions even more interesting and unique."
. Austin Leeds has been producing for 20 years & has tracks on Spinnin, Armada, Ultra and Toolroom.

InstaChord & Expansions

W.A Production InstaChord is a MIDI processing plugin that helps you play chords and chord progressions faster and easier. With an array of common chords, each available in 5 different voicings, InstaChord is an efficient, streamlined tool for achieving smart, stylistic chord progressions quickly.

Get InstaChord along with all the expansion packs, giving you InstaChord with all the additional presets, in one unique package.

The foundation of a great song is based on its harmonic movements and chord changes which often is called chord progression. A change in chord progression can have a drastic effect on the mood or direction of a song. Even those with a background in music theory can experience repetition and stagnation. Using richer chords and new chord progressions can take the song to a new level and make it sound unique and professional.

Whether or not you are an experienced musician or just a beginner, with a vast chord bank and amazing playability, InstaChord has something to offer to you.

  • If you're a songwriter or a producer It will help you speed up the workflow and song creation process. Find the best progression and use a single midi pattern to play all of them.
  • If you're a player it allows you to play some of the hardest chords, in any musical key and combination of notes and different voicings, using just a few keys on your controller. Or jam and practice over them without spending much time creating a jam track.
  • If you're a student or a teacher you can use the plugin to learn and study the chords and use it as a reference and hear them in action.

Learn more about InstaChord and download the FREE Trial Version HERE.

Hardstyle for InstaChord

To remain relevant and innovative in the Hardstyle genre today, you need the most impressive chords and progressions, which is why W.A. Production has released Hardstyle for InstaChord!

If your dream is to reach the Q-dance stage, then this is an expansion you won't want to miss.


  • 50 InstaChord Presets

Learn more about Hardstyle for InstaChord.

Jazz & Blues for InstaChord

Pack Contents

  • 12 Blues Chord Presets 
  • 13 Disco Chord Presets 
  • 13 Funk Chord Presets 
  • 12 Jazz Chord Presets


  • Total Files: 50
  • File Size: 568KB

Learn more about Jazz & Blues for InstaChord.

Jazz & Blues 2 for InstaChord


  • 40 InstaChord Presets

Learn more about Jazz & Blues 2 for InstaChord.

R&B for InstaChord

These aren't just random presets. Inside this pack, you will find 50 presets for InstaChord that put the most commonly used chords associated with R&B. These presets are an easy one click away references for professional producers and a great tool for beginners that want to learn chord structure and progressions.

A great feature is that you can use all of the presets and still utilize all the existing features of InstaChord that you know and love. You can edit by changing the action, the designation, transpose, change the octave and even save your custom changes as a new preset.

W.A Production thank you for the positive response to InstaChord. Your support drives them to continuously create products designed to save you time and inspire you to keep creating and making your sound better.


  • 50 InstaChord Presets

Learn more about R&B for InstaChord.

Future House for Instachord

Writing chord progressions can be difficult and time-consuming. Especially when creating future house. The melodies have to be catchy and the way the chords progress can make or break your track. A good chord progression dictates the mood and direction of your track. To help you discover endless options for your chord progressions W. A. Production is delivering a pack of 50 presets for InstaChord. Not just any presets, these presets were designed specifically for the creation of future house.

Instachord is an amazing plugin that is perfect for beginners to learn chord progressions and for professionals who need a quick reference, and even those with the dreaded "writer's block". Instachord is like an extra boost of creativity. Instachord allows you to control what notes of the chord you want to play, how they are played and will work with most plugin instruments. 

Explore and refine your sound with InstaChord. Step up your future house chord progressions with Future House for Instachord from W. A. Production.


  • 50 Presets for InstaChord

Learn more about Future House for Instachord.

Future Bass for Instachord

W. A. Production has comprised an expansion pack for Instachord that is sure to reignite your love of Future Bass. These presets offer new possibilities with the best sounding chord options for making Future Bass. Whether you need to design driving leads, pads, loaded bass lines or a melodic rhythm, this expansion pack puts a library of uplifting and energetic chord possibilities right at your fingertips.


  • 50 Presets for InstaChord.

Learn more about Future Bass for Instachord.

Synthwave for Instachord

Taking an electrifying night drive through a futuristic city has never been such a blast. Create the tunes that make drivers put the top down and cruise with What About: Synthwave for Instachord from W. A. Production.

W.A Production have created 50 radical presets that bring together the most powerful chord combinations for Synthwave, Outrun, Vaporwave, Darksynth, and Retrowave. Create the perfect 80's driver simulation game soundtrack, 8-bit sounds, slow it down for a beachside sunset with some Chillwave or create a dreamy retro hit. Stunning chords capture a moment of nostalgia and the promise of a digital future full of sleek cars and neon aesthetics.


  • 50 Presets for InstaChord.

Learn more about Synthwave for Instachord.

EDM for InstaChord

Prepare to unlock the door to more EDM chord progressions. EDM for Instachord from W. A. Production offers new preset chord options that will take your sound to a whole new level. Whether you are looking to make ragin' dubstep, powerful future bass, or a festival anthem, W. A. Production is giving you more chords to make sure your mix is never mundane. 


  • 50 InstaChord Presets

Learn more about EDM for InstaChord.

Ambient & Cinematic for InstaChord

Discover a whole new world of chords for your next production. Introducing Ambient & Cinematic for Instachord from W. A. Production.

If you are a gamer, film major, or just into making dramatic and over the top music productions than Ambient & Cinematic from W. A. Production is going to open up a whole new world of possibilities.


  • 50 InstaChord Presets

Learn more about Ambient & Cinematic for InstaChord.

LoFi Hip Hop for InstaChord

What could make your LoFi production even more chill? What about more chord options? What about 50 expansions for Instachord? Oh yeah, W. A. Production presents, LoFi for Instachord.


  • 50 InstaChord Presets

Learn more about LoFi Hip Hop for InstaChord.

Psytrance for InstaChord

Build on the hottest chords for Psy, enjoy some new and innovative progressions, or build your own. With Instachord and Psytrance expansions for Instachord, you can give your listeners a true experience in Psytrance music. 


  • 50 InstaChord Presets

Learn more about Psytrance for InstaChord.

Future Rave for InstaChord

Future Rave for InstaChord from W. A. Production is an expansion for the InstaChord plugin designed specifically for this important genre. After installation, you'll be able to rapidly build game-changing chord progressions for your productions. Don't wait -- download today!


  • 50 InstaChord Presets

Learn more about Future Rave for InstaChord.

System Requirements


  • OSX 10.13 and later (32/64 bit)
  • VST, AU


  • Windows 7 and later (32/64 bit)
  • VST

Please Note: W.A Production's InstaChord is required to run these Expansion Packs.

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