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Drum Tools 02

Sample Packs by Wave Alchemy

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"Drum Tools 02 by Wave Alchemy is a Swiss Army knife of machine-driven samples."
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Introducing Drum Tools 02, the definitive drum sample library for electronic music production!

A labour of love spanning 2 years, Drum Tools 02 delivers over 4,000 ground-breaking electronic drum samples and percussive hits, each carefully crafted by hand from the ground-up using a huge array of drum machines, analogue synths, foley recordings and acoustic sound sources; processed individually on a sound-by-sound basis using a boutique collection of high-end outboard gear...

Pushing the boundaries of contemporary sound design, Drum Tools 02 delivers a unique collection of next-generation, production-ready drums for modern electronic music production; an essential toolkit for Techno, EDM, DnB, Dubstep, Deep House, Trap, Electronica and everything in-between! For added character, warmth and punch, selected samples have been re-recorded to both ½ inch analogue tape via an Ampex ATR-102 analogue tape machine, and 12” Vinyl via a classic Neumann VMS 70 vinyl mastering lathe.

Boasting custom built Ableton Live racks, NI Maschine presets, 79 drum kits along with 24-bit WAV file formats, Drum Tools 02 integrates with any DAW...

What's included in the sample pack?

  • 4,025 24-bit, 100% royalty-free drum hits arranged into 4 main sections:

Processed Drum Section

  • 2029 processed drum and percussive hits - enhanced and layered individually on a sound-by-sound basis using Wave Alchemy's extensive collection of high-end hardware processors and sound shaping tools:
  • 450 unique bass drums arranged by type across 6 sub-folders: ‘classic kicks’, ‘deep & minimal’, ‘fat & punchy’, ‘heavy and EDM’, ‘processed machines’ and ‘short & snappy’
  • 225 luxurious claps arranged across 3 sub-folders: ‘processed machines’, ‘stacked & layered’ and ‘synthetic & noise’
  • 100 crash cymbals & rides
  • 192 hi-hats arranged across 3 sub folders: ‘classic hats’, ‘metallic & synthetic’ and ‘noise, acoustic & layered’
  • 343 electronic percussion sounds arranged by type across 6 sub-folders: ‘analogue & nu-perc’, ‘blips, pops & snaps’, ‘blocks & cowbells’, ‘clicks, sticks & rims’, ‘deep & dissonant’ and ‘hand drum & tribal’
  • 240 acoustic percussion sounds arranged by type across 5 sub-folders: ‘bongo & conga’, ‘claves, blocks & bells’, ‘hand drums’, ‘shakers & sticks’ and ‘timbale’
  • 77 glitch & abstract percussion hits
  • 282 snare drums arranged by type across 4 sub-folders: ‘layered snares’, ‘lo-fi & gritty’, ‘noise & synthetic’ and ‘processed machines’
  • 120 toms & tones

Tape Processed Section

  • 1528 24-bit tape processed drum and percussive hits
  • Identical in folder structure to the processed drum section, the ‘tape drums’ folder includes a selection of samples bounced through ½ inch Analogue Tape for added character, tone, warmth and punch!
  • 1528 Tape processed drum samples with multiple saturation levels and vari-speed pitches, recorded via a classic Ampex ATR-102 analogue tape machine

Vinyl Processed Section

  • 468 24-bit vinyl processed drum and percussive hits
  • Identical in folder structure to the processed drum section, the ‘vinyl drums’ folder includes a selection of samples bounced through 12” Vinyl for added grittiness and warmth!
  • 468 Vinyl processed drum samples recorded via a classic Neumann VMS 70 vinyl mastering lathe

Drum Kits

The drum kits folder contains a number of ready-to-play drum kits, conveniently mapped to the following software sampler formats:

  • Battery 3 – 79 kits
  • Halion - 79 kits
  • Kontakt - 79 kits
  • NN-XT - 79 kits
  • SFZ - 79 kits
  • EXS24 - 79 kits

Ableton Live Pack

  • 36 pre-mapped drum racks for Ableton live 9, carefully mapped with full Push compatibility
  • 32 ‘modular’ drum selector modules for bass drums, claps, crash cymbals & rides, hi-hats, percussion (acoustic), percussion (electronic), percussion (glitch), snares, toms & tones
  • Each drum sound has 8 pre-assigned macros for quick editing and tone-shaping – tune/pitch, gate/decay, tone, multiple distortion parameters and volume
  • 520MB
  • 3,557 24-bit one-shot drum hits and tones

Drum Tools 02 Kit List

Sound Generation

  • Elektron Analog RYTM
  • ARP 2600
  • MFB Tanzbar
  • Roland Jupiter 8
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
  • Roland TR-808
  • Roland TR-909
  • Roland TR-707
  • Roland TR-606
  • Roland CR-78
  • EMU Drumulator
  • Sequential Drumtraks
  • Linn Linndrum
  • Future Retro XS + Moog CP-251 & Moogerfoogers
  • Mutable Instruments Ambika
  • Korg MS-20
  • Acidlab Miami
  • MPS Drum Synth
  • Pearl Syncussion
  • Jomox Mbrane
  • Jomox MBase 11
  • Jomox Xbass 999
  • Vermona DRM
  • Metasonix D-1000
  • Various acoustic drums, percussion & foley recordings


  • Thermionic Culture Vulture Mastering Edition
  • Ampex ATR-102 Analogue Tape Machine
  • Eventide H8000
  • API 2500 Compressor
  • API 5500 EQ
  • Studer A80 Analogue Tape Machine
  • Elysia XPressor 500
  • A-Designs EMPEQ
  • SSL E Series EQs & Compressors
  • Empirical Labs Distressor
  • Empirical Labs Fatso
  • Oto Machines Biscuit
  • Schippmann Ebbe und Flut
  • Spectra Sonics 610
  • Valley People 610
  • Akai S950 Sampler
  • EMU SP-12 Turbo

Produced by Dan Byers of Wave Alchemy, with additional production by Matt Urmenyi and J. Rowland.

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