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Resonance Sound Atmos & SFX Bundle (Exclusive)

Sample Packs by Resonance Sound

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Atmos & SFX

This bundle features over 2200 state-of-the-art SFX samples, loops and atmos by Sounds of Revolution and Audio Boutique. From robotic sound effects, complex impacts, mangled kick-free loops, mystic atmos and soundscapes, unique vocal fragments and much more, expand your sample collection with this unique set of packs from Resonance Sound.

This bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique.

SOR Transformation

This is probably the most epic industrial / machine / robo sound collection ever. You’ll still be able to hear every single screw move on the autobots. Plus, Resonance Sound securely attached some decepticons for all who like it even darker.


  • 24 Bit 44.1Khz
  • 3.12GB8
  • 79 Samples
  • 72 Atmos
  • 27 Bass
  • 44 Cyborg / Vocalized
  • 38 Cyborg FX
  • 19 Drill
  • 122 Drum (Element & Percussion/Snare/Kick/Crash/Hat)
  • 8 Demo Drumloops (140bpm) & Vocals
  • 9 Electromagnetic Field
  • 60 FX Mix
  • 65 Hydraulic Movement
  • 35 Complex Impact
  • 38 Pass By (Whoosh sounds)
  • 67 R2-D2 Tribute021 Shutdown
  • 13 Startup
  • 18 Sub
  • 26 Synth Machine
  • 17 Transmission
  • 40 User Interface
  • 140 selected BONUS Samples!
  • 25 Soft Sampler Patches for EXS24 & Kontakt

Learn more about SOR Transformation.

Audio Boutique - Atmos Textures & Noise Elements

Imagine you just left the studio. Your new song’s got it all: bass, groove, melody. But a little something is missing. Maybe something to make your track special, maybe a subtle atmosphere, maybe some gritty texture, maybe some nasty dirt?  Well, this one might just be for you then. Audio Boutique proudly presents Atmos, Textures & Noise Elements, an all-new and shiny collection of technoid atmospheres, never-heard ambiences, deep soundscapes, spooky vocals, vinyl dirt, tape noises and so much more.


  • 2.17 GB Content
  • Over 460 Samples in total
  • 75 Static Atonal Atmos
  • 75 Static Tonal Atmos
  • 50 Moving Textures
  • 30 Rhythmic Atmos
  • 25 Hi Frequency Atmos
  • 50 Drones
  • 35 Hums / Noises / Radio Noises / Tape Noises
  • 20 Human & Nature Atmos
  • 35 Vinyl Crackles, Scratches & FXs
  • 30 Vocal FX Loops
  • 30 Vocal FX Samples
  • 13 Bonus Drum Loops
  • 24-bit WAV Stereo (Vocal Loops as WAV & Apple Loops)
  • All tonal files have the Key written in the File-Name

Learn more about Audio Boutique - Atmos Textures & Noise Elements.

SOR FX Revolution Vol. 1

Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds Of Revolution went out in the wild only to return with “FX Revolution", an inspiring premium collection full of detail, groove and variation!


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 1.46GB
  • 939 Club Ready FX samples
  • Atmospheres
  • Noises
  • Sweeps
  • Explosions
  • Percussive and Heavily Processed Samples
  • Over 300 Kick Free FX Loops
  • Apple Loops included
  • Rex2 Files
  • 25 EXS24 Sampler patches
  • 25 Kontakt Sampler patches

Learn more about SOR FX Revolution Vol. 1.

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