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Sound Particles Indie

Audio Editor by Sound Particles

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"Sound Particles has made an amazing impact on our work, far beyond anything we could accomplish with knobs, buttons, and other software."
. Supervising Sound Editor (Geostorm).
"Sound Particles produces audio content in a fresh and innovative way."
. Sound Designer | Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit.
"We’re able to do all sorts of really challenging soundscapes using particles. It’s a fascinating tool that I’ve used a lot on the show to build elements."
. Emmy-winning Supervising Sound Editor | Black Sails.

The Ultimate 3D Audio Software

Sound Particles is an audio software application capable of generating thousands (even millions) of sounds in a virtual 3D audio world. This immersive audio application will enable you to create highly complex sounds on the fly, which will ultimately enable you to create new sounds better and faster than ever.

Sound Particles has been nominated for an 'Outstanding Product' award by the Cinema Audio Society. This is the Indie version of Sound Particles - the Sound Particles Pro is also available, which includes the Doppler + Air plugins.

All-New Engine

The 2.1 update incorporates a new audio engine, responding to real-time changes with optimized iterations, delivering your sound design in the best audio quality possible.

Batch Processing

Create your session and set Sound Particles to output hundreds of different renders in one pass. This feature makes mass production of sound effects a reality.

Track Presets

Create and save an infinite number of track and microphone settings, recall track setups with just two mouse clicks. Includes 100+ professionally crafted presets.

User Templates

Save your sessions as templates. Include any number of tracks or microphones, never start from scratch again.

Enable / Disable

Enable or disable audio files, movement or audio modifiers. Experimenting with different techniques was never as easy as it is with version 2.1.

Sound Particles is something completely different from any other professional 3D audio software that exists today.

Sound Particles uses the concept of computer graphics, but for audio: each particle represents a 3D sound source (instead of a 3D object) and a virtual microphone captures the virtual sound of the particles (instead of the virtual CGI camera).

Imagine that you want to create the sound of a battlefield with Sound Particles. You could create 10.000 particles (sound sources), spread them over a square mile, pick 50 war-related sounds from your sound library and render the entire scene with a virtual microphone (5.1, Dolby Atmos 9.1 bed, etc.).

Each particle would randomly select one of the war-related sounds for reproduction, which means that some particles would reproduce the 1st audio files, other particles would reproduce the 2nd audio files, and so on. Also, each particle (sound source) would be positioned randomly on a square with a length of 1 mile. To obtain more interesting results, movement modifiers would add motion to the particles and audio modifiers would apply random gains, delays, EQ or time/pitch variations. The virtual microphone will be responsible for capturing the virtual sound of the scene, based on its position, direction and the position of all particles. The sound of all particles is rendered, taking into consideration things like propagation attenuation, speed of sound and Doppler effect.

There's more!

CGI Integration

Working on animations or cinematics? Import 3D information from animations or visual effects into Sound Particles and attach sound to 3D objects in order to make your mix quicker than ever.

Real-time Rendering

Sound Particles now lets you hear, in real-time, the changes you perform. Adjust every parameter you desire, and the rendering process will automatically adapt to the changes.

Binaural Monitoring

Sound Particles will let you monitor binaural audio by decoding any type of audio format. Additionally, by using Ambisonics virtual microphones and the VR Client application, you can monitor your mix with head-tracking while watching a 360 video.

VR Client App

Test Sound Particles virtual reality projects on your Android device using this mobile application which communicates directly with the desktop application via IP. Includes 360 video, Ambisonics and head-tracking support.

Windows Support

The ultimate 3D audio software now supports both macOS and Windows. Now, by using these two operative systems, you can get the best out of two worlds with full compatibility between projects.

Sound Particles Indie vs. Pro Comparison Chart

System Requirements

Operating System

  • Mac OSX 10.9 or higher
  • Windows 7/8/10

Minimum Requirements

  • CPU - 2-core or higher
  • RAM - 4 GB or higher
  • Disk Space 620 MB

Recommended Requirements

  • CPU - 4-core or higher
  • RAM - 8 GB or higher
  • Disk Space - 620 MB

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