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DJ Swivel Mix Templates

Utility by DJ Swivel

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Want mixes that sound as good as the pros? These mix templates from Grammy-winning producer and mixer DJ Swivel will get you started with all of the same tools Swivel uses to mix songs from some of the biggest artists in the world, including Beyonce, The Chainsmokers, Dua Lipa, BTS and Coldplay.

These mix templates were created to give you a head start on your mixes. This is the exact same template Swivel uses on all of his songs and will allow you to focus on creating a beautiful mix instead of struggling to find the right plugins and organise your session. 

DJ Swivel has crafted these to work in all major DAW’s, namely Pro Tools, Logic  Ableton and FL Studio, and there are two versions for each DAW (and 4 for Ableton), one with Swivel’s favourite plugins, and the other with stock plugin substitutes, in case you don’t own the plugins Swivel frequently uses. This is the perfect way to get your mixes sounding great, fast!


  • Pro Tools (Swivel’s Favorite Plugins)
  • Pro Tools (Stock Plugins)
  • Logic (Swivel’s Favorite Plugins)
  • Logic (Stock Plugins)
  • Ableton 9 (Swivel’s Favorite Plugins)
  • Ableton 9 (Stock Plugins)
  • Ableton 10 (Swivel’s Favorite Plugins)
  • Ableton 10 (Stock Plugins)
  • FL Studio (Swivel’s Favorite Plugins)
  • FL Studio (Stock Plugins)

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