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MDrummer Expansion: Drum Empire 2020

Expansion Packs by MeldaProduction

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Important Note: MDrummer or MSoundFactory is required to use this expansion pack.

Drum Empire 2020 is a huge pack recorded and processed in 2020 in one of the best studios designed for drums in central Europe, the Svarov studios. Melda sampled a huge array of high-end drums and cymbals, mostly with sticks, but brushes, floopy, mallets and hands got some love too.


Beautiful controlled hall with very high ceilings, that's Svarov studios nearby Prague, potentially the best studio for recording drums in central Europe. And as it turns out, it's owned by total drum junkies. They live for drums, eat with drums, and sleep next to drums! And they certainly know how to tune and record drums.


Recording equipment is especially essential when it comes to sampling. And there's no shortage here - the best preamps money can buy, a whole set of analogue equalizers and compressors to give it a bit of the mojo even when dry, and of course the best mikes, such as Neuman U87 and AKG C12.


Melda started with cymbals. The best ones and a lot of them. Zildajians, Sabians, Meinl... So many, that it was quite impossible to show all of them at once... At the end Melda counted 42 crashes, 17 rides, 8 hihats, 11 chinese and 10 splashes... and then Melda started stacking them up, which turns out to be just really cool, but let's face it, not many drummers can afford stacking multiple K Zildjians on top of each other. And Melda sampled 18 of these combinations.


Who wouldn't know the classic Ludwig Vistalite used by the one and only (but not only) Led Zeppelin!

Yamaha Recording Custom is yet another classic which survived decades. Designed by the master chef Steve Gadd, the name clearly implies what this drumset is for!

How about the classic Phil Collins sound? Well, that would be the same Yamahas, but without the bottom heads.

This vintage Ludwig rock set is so big, that only the big guys could even play it! 26" kick with toms 15", 18" and 20"...

The set just wouldn't be complete without some of the American DW Collectors!

Check out these beauties - some of the best stuff Gretsch has ever made!

Sometimes companies such as Pearl make a limited collection and Melda certainly needed to sample that. This one is Pearl Masters 50th Anniversary.

The alpha and omega of a drumset is the kick. And Melda sampled 13 of them. From tiny ones with just 18" in diameter up to a 26" monster.

There's the kick and then there's the snare. And snare is the most versatile drum of all. It can be tuned in many ways, have the snares changed, played in various places and various ways... Well, Melda sampled 18 of the most iconic ones, for example the mighty Ludwig Black beauty and Ludwig Supraphonic. And then Melda started experimenting. You'd be surprised how cool a snare can sound with another head on it! Or with a tambourine for example...

Melda play drums with sticks, right? Wrong! Sometimes you just need brushes... or floppy... or mallets... or if you break all these, you have to play with hands! And Melda sampled all of these!

System Requirements

  • MDrummer V12 or later or MSoundFactory
  • 56.93 GB HDD Storage

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