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Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Complete Expansion Bundle

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For the first time, get every expansion for Carbon Electra in a single bundle! No matter which genre you're producing, expand your copy of Carbon Electra with the Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Complete Expansion Bundle.

Important Note: Carbon Electra is not included in this bundle.

Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Deep Dub Tech

Deep Dub Tech is comprised of 64 presets for the Carbon Electra synthesizer, with a dark character and a deep, dubby feel. Suited for producers of subgenres such as Deep House, Dub House, Detroit Techno, Minimal, DNB & Dubstep, these highly playable and expressive chords, sequences, basses and synth sounds will add that signature touch to your tracks. 

Masterfully crafted by Xenos Soundworks who have years of experience within sound design and synthesis. This selection of presets provides cinematic atmospheres, complex tech sequences, deep basses and dubbed out chords ready to be used within your tracks. Utilising the Carbon Electra's intuitive controls and effects these sounds can easily be twisted into something unique and individual for your productions.  


  • Arpeggios x 6 
  • Basses x 18 
  • Chords x 11 
  • Drums x 2 
  • FX x 3
  • Gated Sequences x 3
  • Keyboards x 2
  • Leads x 5
  • Pads x 6
  • Plucked x 8

Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Dark Horizon

An awesome collection of 64 deep and expertly produced presets for the Carbon Electra synthesizer. Dark Horizon includes intense basses, cinematic atmospherics, full-bodied stabs, keys and complex sequences. This expansion is ideal for all producers of genres including Drum & Bass, Techno, Dubstep, Tech-House and Film Scoring. 

Designed by Berlin-based Drum & Bass producer Lockjaw, the pack features many sounds used from within his own productions. Lockjaw has been steadily crafting his sound for the last few years and is now an artist on what is arguably one of the most groundbreaking labels within the scene currently: Noisia's Invisible Recordings.


  • Bass x 24 
  • Leads x 13
  • Stabs x 6
  • Pads x 10
  • FX x 11

Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Drop Zone

Drop Zone is a deadly collection of Carbon Electra presets designed for EDM, Bass Music, Big Room, Electro, Future House and more. With cutting leads, techy sequences, pulsating bass, awesome chords, pads & FX this expansion is guaranteed to give your production a high energy injection. 

Expertly created by leading preset and sample pack manufacturer: Singomakers who have seen their sounds and patches have used in hit records for labels including Spinnin, CR2 Records, Ultra, Toolroom, Skint and more. If you take inspiration from artists such as Hardwell, Martin Garrix, KSHMR, Axwell etc this collection is the one for you. 


  • Bass x 16 
  • Leads x 19
  • Chords x 7
  • Pads x 5
  • Sequences x 12 
  • FX x 5

Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Emissions

The 'Emissions' expansion for Carbon Electra has been designed with warm sounds influenced from the natural world. The collection will suit all producers looking to add depth and mysticism to their work.

Containing 64 presets focusing on lush keys, rich bass timbres, smooth pads, beautiful leads and hypnotic sequences. Layering and fusing with processed beats will ensure emotive textural productions, reminiscent of Warp Records.

Utilising Carbon's built-in sequencer, this pack lets you access complex sequences and bass rhythms at a single keystroke. Build harmonic layers with delicate keys and full-bodied pads or inject energy into your compositions with crisp leads.

The collection is also suited to audio/visual composers wishing to bring thought-provoking electronica to their scores.


  • Sequences x 18
  • Bass x 10
  • Keys x 10
  • Atmospheres and Textures x 8
  • Pads and strings x 6
  • Lead x 5
  • FX x 7

Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Throwback

Throwback is a collection of 64 Carbon Electra presets designed to capture the heartbeat and vibe of Classic House. Get the timeless sounds from genre-defining tracks recreated within Carbon Electra for an upfront sound.

Featuring striking leads, sleek basses through to atmospheric textures, pads and FX, this bank helps deliver a contemporary sound with a respectful nod to the history of House Music. The sounds are suitable for all styles of House Music such as Acid, Tech, Bass and transfer well into Garage. You can either use these patches raw or utilise the Carbon Electra's smooth parameters and sequencer to craft something unique.


  • Leads x 12
  • Bass x 11
  • Sequences x 15
  • Chords x 2
  • Pads x 7
  • Keys x 5
  • FX x 12

Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Complex Sequences

This bank contains 64 presets designed to utilise the power of Carbon Electra's step sequencer. From classic rhythmic sequences & electro grooves to cosmic vibes & ambient realms. Complex Sequences is suited for producers of genres such as: Techno, House, Trap, EDM along with more stripped back lower tempo productions. These expressive sequences & basses will breathe life into your new tracks with groove & motion.

With 15 years of sound design experience Nick Klimenko aka Chronos has crafted this precise sound bank with expertise. 


  • Sequences x 59
  • Bass x 4
  • Plucked x 1

Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Cinematic Dimensions

The Cinematic Dimensions expansion for Carbon Electra journeys through ambient cinematic electronica, film sound design and thrilling effects. These timbres have been carefully designed for creating emotive sounds suitable for all styles of productions requiring a level of depth.  

Cinematic Dimensions consists of 64 patches with drifting keys, luscious pads, sweet bells and rich bass. The included textures, drones and fx will suit scoring scenes and adding an element of sci-fi, mystery, suspense and drama for your tracks.


  • 13 x Keys
  • 10 x Pads
  • 9 x Textures
  • 7 x Bells
  • 6 x Bass
  • 5 x Sequencers
  • 3 x Drones
  • 3 x Plucks
  • 2 x Percussion
  • 2 x Lead
  • 4 x FX

Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Twisted Evolution

An incredible collection of 64 intense & futuristic presets for the Carbon Electra synthesizer. Twisted Evolution features complex basses, ethereal atmospherics, driving leads and FX. 

This collection has been primarily designed for Tech Drum & Bass but will suit all producers looking to inject a futuristic feel into their music. (Including Half Time, Techno, Dubstep, Grime, Tech-House, Film Scoring & more)...

Crafted by Serbian sound designer & producer FlukeLuke, the collection features many sounds used from within his own productions. FlukeLuke has been creating innovative music which receive consistent support from leading artists within the electronic music world including Noisia. 


  • Bass x 24 
  • Leads x 13
  • Stabs x 6
  • Pads x 10
  • FX x 11

Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Deep Revival

Deep Revival contains a collection of 64 bespoke presets, featuring a wide variety of bass patches for rich full-bodied basslines, as well as lush electric pianos and keys for compelling chords and melodies. Fat, analogue-style leads and brasses will also enable you to produce captivating hooks, whilst a diverse range of silky pads, strings, synth fx, motion sequences and more, will provide you with the tools to add deep emotive textures into your productions.

Spanning through multiple shades of dance music to film composition, any electronic producer will find pure inspiration in this soundbank. Expand your sonic palette with the Deep Revival expansion pack for Carbon Electra!


  • 64 Total Presets
  • 1x Arpeggio
  • 19x Basses
  • 1x Brass
  • 3x FX
  • 15x Keys
  • 3x Leads
  • 10x Motion Sequences
  • 3x Pads
  • 5x Percussion
  • 4x Plucks

Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Neon Synthwave

This soundbank is a must for any producer looking to use Carbon Electra for Future-Retro inspired styles such as Synthwave, Retro-Electro, Ambient Electronica and Cinematic 80's Soundtrack music.

The pack is focused around the use of the Carbon Electra's updated sequencing functionality, providing you with flexible access to classic-melodic and bass-synth sequences that will reinvigorate memories of sonic nostalgia and elevate your electronic productions into new realms of Synthwave stratospheres.

In addition to undeniable grooves, you will also find lush, ambient pads, space-like leads and shimmering keys, all of which are sprinkled with a colourful selection of Retro-Synth FX to add that surprise twist to your music!


64 Total Presets:

  • 20 x Melodic Sequences
  • 15 x Bass Sequences
  • 8 x Keys
  • 7 x Pads
  • 4 x Leads
  • 2 x Basses
  • 3 x Percs
  • 5 x FX

Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Sublogic

Sublogic has been masterfully crafted to deliver an incredible fresh set of bass-heavy focused patches to elevate and propel your music production into new realms of sub-stratospheres. 

Expect to find mega-dope, classic Reece Bass sounds, Dark Pads, upfront FX, cutting edge leads, evolving sequences and a well-rounded sound set for modern and classic electronic dancefloor genres.

This multi-style preset pack is a must-go-to tool for sonic inspiration when experimenting with the power and intuitiveness of Carbon Electra, so if you're looking to bring the bass frequencies and much more into your future creations, Sublogic is the one for you!


  • Arp x 1
  • Bass x 25
  • Chords x 3
  • FX x 7
  • Leads x 11
  • Pads - 6
  • Plucks x 1
  • Sequences x 10

System Requirements

  • The full version of Carbon Electra: Version 1.11 + is required to run these expansion packs.

Important Notes: 

  • Existing Carbon Electra users must update to v1.11 to be able load and use these expansions pack.

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