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Delay by Rob Papen

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DelSane is a delay effects plugin that offers far more than your average Delay FX – of which there are plenty available on the market today!

On the one hand, DelSane delivers a lovely sounding smooth stereo tape delay but on the other, it’s an insane-sounding creative tool – in short, it’s the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of Delay effects plugins!


  • The concept of DelSane is two-sided. The first (sane) side is a smooth-sounding Tape Delay which can be easily used as a Stereo or Mono Delay in your music production or as an insanely creative Delay FX device.
  • Easy to understand layout with all features displayed on one screen.
  • GUI sizes: 100%, 125%, 150% and 200%.
  • The cool ‘Equal Feedback’ feature gives the Stereo Delay a smooth equal Left and Right tail Feedback. 
  • If you need a bit of edge added to the Delay sound, the ‘Distortion’ parameter is also available.
  • To alienate the Delay sound even more, Rob Papen added the ‘Frequency Shift’ feature.
  • The creative side of DelSane is the ‘Disrupt Sphere-Slider’. This Sphere-Slider can be connected to the various Delay parameters and by moving the Sphere-Slider, you can change multiple Delay parameters in a dynamic way.  Also, if you move the Sphere-Slider, it can move back to the centre in a tempo-based way which Rob Papen calls the ‘Spring’ feature.  Very dynamic changing Delays are possible using this ‘Disrupt’ feature!
  • To avoid muscle pain... you also can use the ‘Lazy Mode’ so that the movement of the Sphere-Slider can be automated in different directions, which allows you to also create Flanger, Chorus, or creative new types of modulation sounds.
  • There is an ‘Audio Follower’ which can be used to influence various Delay parameters including the ‘Sphere-Slider Disrupt’ parameter itself!
  • The ‘MIDI & MOD’ control section can be used to influence various DelSane parameters including the ‘Disrupt Sphere-Slider’!
  • So, either way... for a sane top-sounding Tape Delay or crazy insane changing Delay, RP-DelSane is your go-to delay for years to come.

System Requirements


  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32 & 64-bit)


  • VST 2
  • VST 3
  • AAX (Note: PC AAX is for Pro Tools 12 or higher) (64-bit only)


  • OS-X 10.12 - 11 (Big Sur) (64-bit only)


  • AU
  • VST 2
  • VST 3
  • AAX


  • The activation system is offline, which means that there is no direct connection between the plugin and the homepage.
  • The software can be installed on 2 of your own computer systems.

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