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AMA I Shakers Bundle

Kontakt Instrument by The Amazonic

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Sacred Sounds from the Amazon

The first chapter of a musical library never captured before!

Recorded straight in the depths of the Amazon rainforest and on a studio located in the city of Manaus, upon months of deep research, The Amazonic selected the main instruments that are part of the culture, religion and traditions of those who lives in the Amazon.

With special attention to details, The Amazonic captured every sound emitted by 100+ instruments, guaranteeing the creation of a powerful tool for composers and producers looking for a professional, emotional and spiritual sound to add to their music.

Experience the sounds from the Amazon jungle at the tip of your fingers and delight yourself with all the story and concept behind The Amazonic.

Unique instruments. Unique Sounds

AMA 1 is a unique library that provides a collection of instruments never seen before.​

The inspiration for creating these instruments is the most varied: mimic an animal sound, replicate a specific sound of nature’s depths or evoke the native ancestor’s sound of the Amazonian rainforest.

With a huge variety and diversity of Amazonian instruments, this is the definitive tool not only to create Amazonian music but also adds a special element to your epic or dramatic songs.

Check out some of these beautiful musical instruments crafted by great indigenous masters!

With a clean interface, you will have easy and quick access to everything you need during your composing process.

With each of the instruments, you also can choose between 3 to 5 microphones and travels from a further, ambient and soothing sound to a closer microphone for that extra detail and definition. Or blend it all and mix at your preference.

From the Amazon to the World

  • Never Sampled Before: After extensive research and in order to bring you a complete tool to achieve the real sound of the depths of the Amazon rainforest. The Amazonic carefully selected 100+ instruments uniquely created by the natives, that will suit all needs and tastes.
  • The Chosen Ones: From the creators of the instruments to professional musicians, The Amazonic chose their team based not on musical skill and technique but also on their intimacy and connection with their instrument. The result speaks for itself.
  • A Spiritual Bond: For every note played or every beat made there is a deep meaning behind it. Get ready to compare your next song with instruments loaded with history and spirituality.



  • Caracaxá: A guiro made of bamboo and created to be played with Gamba Grave and Gambazinho.
  • Casa de Caba: Instrument created by Celdo Braga made of Tucumã, Inajá straws and legume. Inside of it there is a Fabacea, which provides the shaker sound of the instrument.
  • Chocalho de Aroré: Instrument created by Celdo Braga and made of Tucumã, Inajá straws and legume. Inside of it, there is Fabacea, responsible for producing the shaker sound of this instrument.
  • Chocalho de Caracol: Composed of a gourd and snail shells. This instrument imitates the sound of Piriquitos bird uproar.
  • Chocalho de Coco: A shaker made of a coconut shell with an animal skin stretched overtop of it. It also contains seeds inside, creating a unique combination of percussion and shaker.
  • Chocalho de Satere: Also known in the Amazon region as Saterê-Mawé. Its beautiful sound is created by Inhambé seeds.
  • Chocalho de Tucumã: Shaker made from the famous Tucumã seed, a fruit widely consumed in the Amazon. The seeds are cut into different sizes in order to create varied tones.
  • Chocalho de Nhambe: This is a "natural instrument". This piece falls from the Favamaraca legume tree. After days exposed to the sun, the entire piece dries out, including the seeds inside. When played, it creates a very distinct shaker sound.
  • Favamaraca: A rattle instrument made of Abiurana seeds. It is commonly used to create mystical background textures.
  • Nhambe Inaja: A rattle instrument made of Abiurana seeds. It is commonly used to create mystical background textures.
  • Nhambe Seringa: A rattle instrument made from the seeds of the rubber tree, latex producer. It is commonly used to create mystical background textures.
  • Peito de Moça: A double shaker made of a gourd. Inside of it, sheets of paper and Tucumã beads are inserted.
  • Pica Pau: Instrument made of a Monkey nut. Two pieces of wood on a rod made of Guava wood, hit either side of the nut and it replicates the sound of the woodpecker.
  • Re Cuia: A round gourd attached by rubber bands to a blade --also made of gourd. When pulling the blade, the elastics scrape on the top of the blade and produce sound.
  • Rocar: An instrument used both in Batucada and Marujada festival in Parintins. It is also used during the Brazilian Carnaval.
  • Tauari: Instrument made with the chestnut of a tree from the same name. It is covered with straw made of Tucumã or Inajá. Inside of the instrument, there are numerous beads responsible for the shaker sound.
  • Xeque Triplo: Created from a combination of a gourd, Tucumã leaf and beads inside. This instrument has this name (Triple Check) because of its abilities to produce three distinct sounds.


  • 1GB of Shaker samples
  • 19 Unique Instruments recorded with 3 to 5 Microphones
  • 30% goes back to the Amazon

System Requirements

  • OSX 10.10 or later, Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Windows 7, 8 or 10. Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64
  • Full Retail Version Kontakt 6 (or later) Required
  • Pulse installer is required for installation

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