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U-he Satin Review at Attack Magazine

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A sophisticated tape-modelling delay that emulates major historical developments in tape technology in high quality.


U-he took a journey back to the Golden Age of magnetic tape recording. They wanted to recreate all kinds of tape machines in software, from the ground up. After many months spent of research, measurement and developing an architecture that would be flexible enough for the job.

U-he added the old noise-reduction systems that were often (mis)used for timbral compression effects. Then more heads and a global feedback path, U-he made an uber-tape-delay and realistic ‘one-shot’ tape flanging possible.

Users familiar with analogue recording gear should feel at home with Satin, and digital aficionados will also learn to love the magic of tape – Satin invites you to explore and find out for yourself.

Features at a Glance

Mix-and-match emulation spans all major historical developments in tape technology

Control multiple instances from one panel - 'glue’ multiple tracks together

High-quality: internal sample rate up to 384kHz, continuous tape speed control

All the 'goodness' of tape (saturation, transient-smoothing, HF compression etc.)

Full control over the 'badness' (head-bump, wow&flutter, asperity noise, hiss etc.)

Record / repro EQ standards (separately selectable), classic NR compander standards

Extra FX modes: through-zero tape flanging, host-synchronisable 4-tap stereo delay


Most flexible tape sim yet

Loads of creative uses

Smooth, cuddly sound

Plenty of handy presets

Authentic noise reduction

Built-in analyser


Not much


Resident Advisor - “Satin adds that magical tape quality to a digital production—the subtle compression, glue
and saturation that make it feel like a finished track.”

Rating - 4.5/5 Stars

Computer Music  - “A stunningly realistic and surprisingly creative tape emulation at a price that makes it nothing short of essential.”

Rating - 5/5 Stars

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